I'm worried I'll never find love because I like wearing women's clothes | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: SINCE I was a boy I’ve loved dressing in women’s clothes.

I used to think it was a phase that would go away but the older I got, the stronger the urge grew.

Now I’m a man of 42 and I can’t stop shopping online for mini dresses, skirts and sexy lingerie.

It’s become an obsession, and I often wonder what my life would look like if I was a woman.

After years of struggling, I’ve come to accept these urges may never go away. However, I can never shake the worry that I’ll never love because of it.

Almost every person I’ve told has been completely repulsed, and it has destroyed every relationship I’ve ever had.

It’s starting to weigh me down. I feel I’m destined to be single for the rest of my life.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are not alone. Many men enjoy wearing women’s clothes and it’s totally harmless. 

While some women may struggle with it, there will be someone out there who will accept you for who you are.

It would be good for you to talk to somebody outside of the situation. You can get support from the Beaumont Society (01582 412 220,


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