Im called a devil worshipper over my £120k tattoos – but people make mistake

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  • A model who's covered in £120,000 worth of tattoos admitted she's cruelly mistaken as a "devil worshipping maniac."

    Valentina – known as Mistress Valentina to fans – is a dominatrix who certainly stands out from the crowd. The 20-something from Brighton is covered from head-to-toe – including her vagina – in mainly black mandala designs, bar the few pink additions on her leg.

    She became familiar with the tattoo gun since she was in her teens and has continued to get etched ever since, including when she underwent treatment for cancer.

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    However, her vast collection of body art often causes people to make the assumption that she's a Satanist who prefers dabbling in more 'dark' hobbies – like heavy metal music and horror films. Although, that is far from the truth.

    The sex worker isn't that fussed about Halloween, is 'scared' of all the ghoulish goings on and is certainly not a devil worshipper. But, she doesn't mind playing the part for her fans – as long as they cough up the cash to do so.

    Speaking to Daily Star, Valentina spilled all on what it's like being a woman and a walking canvas.

    "I've had a few submissives recently contacting me asking if I can convert them to Satanism," Valentina exclusively revealed. "Not something I believe in or really know much about Satanism, but kind of just made it up on the spot.

    "This is something that has only come up in the last couple of years but when the first guy spoke to me about it and said ‘I want you to convert me to Satanism because of your tattoos'.

    "He very much was like ‘you’re tattooed so you can convert me to Satanism’. So I was like ‘ok I’ll give it a go’ and said ‘you worship the devil now’ and ‘you’re going to worship the devil for your mistress’ – it was so weird!"

    But, it's not only in her saucy line of work where Valentina receives judgement for the way she looks. She feels as if she has the responsibility – along with other tattooed people – to change the minds of those who have a more 'traditional' view when it comes to being inked.

    But while she strives to debunk that she's not a "devil worshipping maniac", the model claimed that being heavily inked can be difficult at times.

    She said: "I mean obviously everyone gets weird stuff but having the tattoos definitely attracts stuff like that. It’s the automatic assumption I’m some devil worshipping maniac because I’ve got tattoos.
    "With the tattoos the best thing to do is just to be nice to everyone you come into contact with and change their mind. If you’ve got tattoos it’s on you to change people’s minds on tattooed people.

    "I’ve got a face tattoo and people walking down the street don’t blink at it. It’s very clearly there but people don’t get freaked out by it but it’s not ‘normal’ still, it’s not that acceptable for women to walk around like this."

    Despite being labelled as a 'devil worshipper', Valentina is happy to play the part of the horned character of hell to please her fans and her pockets. That's because she makes between £6,000-£10,000 a month through her dominatrix work, OnlyFans and cam modelling.

    In front of the camera, Valentina has no issue being a 'horny devil' – but she won't be practising any spells or sacrificing any goats in her downtime.

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    She admitted: "People would expect me to be really into Halloween because of the tattoos and people assume I’m into dark and nefarious things but I’m not that into Halloween, I quite like Christmas.

    "I like the autumnal vibes of it but I don’t like horror films and I’m not really into heavy music, I don’t really like scary things – they scare me. That’s why I went as a devil for Halloween content as it’s hot, sexy and cute and not s*** scary."

    You can find Valentina on Instagram, here.

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