I'm a psychologist and here's why McDonald's logo is red and yellow

I’m a psychologist and here’s why the McDonald’s logo is red and yellow – it has a VERY specific purpose

  •  Karen Haller said the colour combination appeals to customers on the go
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A psychologist has decoded the McDonald’s logo and revealed the specific reason why the fast food chain may have settled on the colours red and yellow. 

Karen Haller, who is based in the UK, is an expert in applied colour psychology and runs her own behavioural design firm. 

In a blog post on her website, the expert said the combination of colours in the  McDonald’s logo is no accident.

Looking at the psychological effect it has on customers, Karen explained: ‘Red triggers stimulation, appetite, hunger, it attracts attention.

‘Yellow triggers the feelings of happiness and friendliness.’ 

According to psychologist Karen Haller, the combination of red and yellow appeals to customers on the go

As a result, Karen says the two colours highlights a key part of the business model to customers. 

‘When you combine red and yellow it’s about speed, quickness,’ she added. 

‘The language of colour is communicated quicker to the brain than words or shapes – as they work directly on our feelings and emotions.’

As such, the logo has been specifically designed to target customers on the move. 

From a practical perspective, the expert also pointed out how yellow is the most visible colour in daylight – which helps the ‘Drive-Thru’ signs stand out to potential customers.

In recent years, some McDonald’s stores in the UK have incorporated dark green elements into the design.

Analysing this decision, Karen says the brand wanted some of its restaurants to appear more inviting than a quick stopover.

She added: ‘Green elicits the feelings of nature, natural and environmentally friendly. It’s no longer about rushing in for a quick bite to eat.’ 

Pictured: a McDonald’s in Hobart, Australia with the red and yellow branding on the Drive-Thru building

In recent years, McDonald’s stores in the UK have had green elements incorporated into the design – which Karen says makes them appear more inviting

The McDonald’s logo – often dubbed the ‘Golden Arches’ – was developed in 1962 by designer Jim Schlinder to reportedly give the brand a more ‘corporate’ look. 

Earlier this week, McDonald’s fans were left stunned after learning why the fast food chain’s Filet-O-Fish burger was originally created.

In 1962, Lou Greon – who owned a franchise in Cincinnati, Ohio – decided he needed to add a new item to the menu after sales declined by 70 per cent.

As his restaurant was based in a predominately Catholic area of the city, the businessman noticed that his restaurant was especially quiet on Fridays.

This is because some branches of the Christian church avoid eating meat on this particular day of the week.

Speaking to The List Show in 2015, Lou’s son Paul explained how business was booming for their competitor Frisch’s Big Boy – which had a fish sandwich on the menu.

Determined to draw customers back into his branch, Lou developed his own fried fish patty and tartar sauce – which he put in the classic McDonald’s bun and added a slice of American cheese. 

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