Im a baby expert – there are 5 things to consider when naming a child

Choosing your baby's name is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a parent.

So it's important to get it right.

With that in mind, BabyCentre's naming expert Lorna Marsh has come up with five things parents need to check before settling on a name for her baby, reports The Sun.

So have a read, and make sure you're following all the steps before giving your child that all important name.

1. Popularity

Firstly, Lorna advises considering how popular the name is.

Although some parents look at trends for inspiration, Lorna doesn't advise using a "passing fad" as the main basis for your choice.

She also said that while some people dismiss names because they're too popular, having a 'common' name can sometimes be an advantage.

This includes the child being "less likely to come up against misspellings and mispronunciations".

"It’s about finding the right balance for you," she adds.

"Parents often like to look at classics that may not be hugely popular at the time, so are unusual in their own way, but have longevity."

2. How the name will sound

Lorna also suggests considering how the name will sound over time.

She said that while a cute name like Bunny will suit your child while they're a baby, it 'may not have the same appeal' when they're older.

The expert also advises sounding out the name in full – including first name, middle name and surname – before committing to it.

3. Check the initials are okay

Initials are one to check too, so you don't come a cropper on that also with something awkward.

4. Think about nicknames

Lorna says you should also think about potential nicknames your child will be given – either ones that rhyme with their name or ones that result from a shortened version of the name.

She also advises singing Happy Birthday and adding the potential name to see how it sounds.

5. Give proper thought to the spelling

Lorna says: "Spelling variations of names are becoming more common.

"Just look at how Jaxon is now more popular among UK parents than Jackson for boys.

"Just make sure though that you don’t give your child a name with a spelling that’s so unusual that going through the phonetic alphabet during every other phone call becomes a lifelong burden.

"Also, consider if the most obvious pronunciation is going to be the wrong one."

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