I'm 53 and put everything into a relationship only to be taken advantage of

DEAR DEIDRE: AT my age you would think I could spot the users.

I’ve been married, divorced and have grown-up children, yet when a man came into my life a year ago I trusted my instinct and put everything into our relationship.

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Looking back, I see I was a complete fool. I’m 53 and he is 56.

I paid for everything – meals out, drinks, a whole new wardrobe for him.

I pretty much funded his whole lifestyle.

He said he was struggling financially after his ex- wife “took him to the cleaners”.

But I’ve since found out he still has plenty of money

He dumped me out of the blue and is now parading about with a new girlfriend.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I am sorry this man took advantage of you.

It is good you saw his true character before you invested any more in him.

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Simply because you are 53 doesn’t mean you should know everything.

Be kind to yourself and accept it will take time to come to terms with this.

I am attaching my support pack Mend Your Broken Heart to help you to pick up the pieces.

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