Im 31 and still fit my old Hooters uniform – elite girls have the same one

A former Hooters employee has modelled the uniform from a decade ago declaring only 'elite girls' have the same one.

Brittany Linn, 31, dug out her exclusive version of the franchise uniform she wore during the 'best times of her life' in the 2010s.

The outfit, which only a few women still have, was a long-sleeve tracksuit branded with the Hooters logo in the company's statement colours – orange and white.

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It appears to be a far cry from the little orange shorts and t-shirts in today's restaurants as she was filmed zipped up her full-coverage tracksuit top, which had the restaurant name branded in cursive text across the chest.

In the video, which has gained more than 2,500 likes on TikTok @brittanylinn attached her gold name tag to the crop top underneath and showed how the sleeves had a thumb hole at the end.

The top underneath is similar to the restaurant's uniforms now as it was V-necked and cut off just under the bus.

Her bottoms are matching track pants with an orange stripe down the side with the logo printed on the inside of her hip.

"Only the elite Hooters girls still have the jumpsuits," she said, as she twisted around to give viewers a full view of the outfit.

In a previous post, Brittany declared that working at Hooter was "seriously, the best years of my life".

She revealed old photos of her days at the restaurant – including snaps of her in smaller clothes sitting outside and serving tables inside.

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