Ideal salary for true happiness in cities across the UK revealed

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that London is an expensive place to live, and an even more expensive to play.

The average salary in the capital is £37,000 according to the National Office for Statistics. But apparently, you need to earn a lot more than that to actually enjoy life in the capital.

Finance company, S Money, looked into the cost of happiness across cities, as research from Purdue University found that having a greater income generally improves people’s moods – proving that money does buy happiness.

However, the university found this is only to a certain point, where the relationship between money and happiness weakens.

If you want to be happy in London, apparently £79,524 a year is how much you need to earn – which only the top 10% of earners in the capital make.

S Money said that ‘happiness (or the peace of mind required to achieve it) is permanently out of the grasp for most Londoners’. That’s a sad thought.

The researchers adjusted their findings for each city, taking into account the cost-of-living differences across the country to calculate the sweet spot for happiness.

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The cheapest place to be happy in the UK is Leicester, where you need to earn £61,117.

Cambridge, Guildford, Brighton, Bristol, and Oxford, all require a salary of over £70,000. 

But it’s not just about how much you have. How people spend money has more of a baring on our happiness levels – so you don’t need to leave the capital just yet.

What you need to earn to be happy across the UK, according to S Money

  • Leicester, £61,117
  • Dundee, £61,242
  • Birmingham, £62,404
  • Aberdeen, £62,833
  • Coventry, £63,047
  • Portsmouth, £63,369
  • Cardiff, £63,357
  • Sheffield, £64,107
  • Exeter, £64,107
  • Southampton, £64,959
  • Norwich, £65,280
  • Newcastle, £65,387
  • Edinburgh, £65,816
  • Derby, £65,803
  • Belfast, £66,232
  • Leeds, £66,446
  • Plymouth, £66,875
  • Nottingham, £66,982
  • Glasgow, £67,860
  • Bournemouth, £67,968
  • Liverpool, £68,182
  • Manchester, £68,611
  • Reading, £69,897
  • Oxford, £70,219
  • Bristol, £70,307
  • Brighton, £72,022
  • Guildford, £74,273
  • Cambridge, £74,808
  • London, £79,524

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