I have terrible teeth and I now wear a mask all the time just to cover them up

DEAR DEIDRE: WALKING around in public, I see plenty of people relieved not to wear masks any more, yet I would feel so vulnerable without mine.

In fact, I never want to throw mine away.

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I’m a woman aged 39 but look like I’m in my seventies and am very happy covering up my face with a mask.

I bought the biggest one I could find to help hide it.

I have terrible, rotting teeth, awful breath and can’t bear to look at myself in the mirror.

After ten years of abuse from my partner, which I survived, I can’t bear to see a dentist as I now have a fear of anyone going anywhere near my face.

I love my job as a social worker but last week my manager told me they were worried about me and wanted me to take some time off to get well.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You’ve done so well to get away from your abusive ex and it’s not surprising that years of mistreatment have affected your confidence.

It sounds like you have halitosis and are in urgent need of dental care.

If you are registered with an NHS dentist, you will not pay more than £282.80 for any series of treatments.

Dental Phobia ( helps people tackle their fears.

I’m sending you my support pack Afraid Of The Dentist, too.

I really hope you will be able to take off your mask with confidence soon.

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