How to recycle your Easter egg packaging

Easter Sunday is finally here, and while adults enjoy a long weekend off work, kids are sure to be excited about one thing only—eating all those chocolate eggs. 

But once all the treats have been devoured, there’s usually a mound of rubbish left—a lot of which ends up in the bin.

However, there’s a lot we can do to help the environment this Easter. has shared their top tips on how to be eco-conscious this Easter—while still getting to enjoy those chocolate eggs.

Mark Hall, co-founder of, said: ‘Easter eggs create a frightening amount of packing that ends up in landfill every Easter, with retailers not doing enough to reduce waste and make them more recyclable. 

‘We hope that our top tips help Brits to do their bit to recycle and help save more Easter egg packaging from going to landfill.’

How to recycle Easter egg packaging

Most elements of Easter egg packaging can be recycled. Follow these tips from to reduce your waste this Easter.

Cardboard box

Recycle your Easter egg boxes. They are made from cardboard, so just flatten them before you put them in the recycling bin to give more space for other recyclables.


Many chocolate Easter eggs are wrapped in foil, which can be recycled. Just think of all those famous Cadbury crème egg. More than 500 million are produced each year—that’s a lot of foil that can be recycled.

Plastic moulds

The plastic moulds that protect the egg can be recycled as they are made from PET, the same plastic that is used to make plastic bottles. Just make sure they are clean, as that will make them easier to recycle.

There you go—just follow these tips and you can enjoy your Easter eggs guilt-free.

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