How to clean smelly shoes – the FOUR household ingredients that will eliminate odours

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Shoes have a nasty habit of taking on a range of smells, and people will start to notice around now. As the weather warms, summer shoes will come out after having spent months in storage. These will have bred some unfortunate odours, and thankfully they don’t require a professional cleaner to fix.

How do you clean smelly shoes?

Shoes tend to take on smells in many different ways, both from outside and within.

The inside succumbs to people’s heat and foot moisture over time, while the outside takes on scents from where they tread.

But sensitive noses may look no further, as has compiled a selection of methods to clean all angles.

How to clean shoe soles

Anyone who needs to clean their shoes on the bottom must start by cleaning off any loose dirt and debris.


Vinegar is one of the best natural solutions to odours, and all people need is a cloth.

The solution’s caustic nature will remove any remaining dirt and stains from the sole when wiped on.

Once clean, people should rinse with water and leave it to dry naturally.

Warm water and dishwasher powder

Not everyone has vinegar on hand, but most people should have some dishwasher powder.

They need to fill a bucket with lukewarm water covering the lower section of the sole and then add two tablespoons of dishwasher powder.

Then soak the shoes for 15 minutes maximum and take them out to wipe down.

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How to clean shoe insoles

Shoes smell on the inside due to sweat buildup and bacteria, so eliminating odours means changing the environment.

Homemade deodoriser

Deodoriser is a specialised product that uses chemicals, but people don’t need to fork out cash for one.

To make one at home, all they need are the following ingredients:

  • White vinegar
  • Tea tree oil
  • Water

Cleaners should combine half a cup of water with the same amount of (distilled) white vinegar and five drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle and give it a firm shake.

Spritz the inside or use a cloth to wipe the mixture and then leave the shoes to dry.

Baking soda

Once again, everyone’s favourite cleaning solution comes to the rescue.

Baking soda sprinkled into a shoe and left overnight should eat up any nasty odours.

All people need to do is empty the powder in the morning for markedly less smelly shoes.

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