Gullane Rolls Out New Movie Slate with Montenegro, Coimbra, Hamburger (EXCLUSIVE)

Brazil’s Gullane, one of Brazil’s biggest production powerhouses, has attached Fernanda Montenegro, Oscar-nominated for “Central Station,” to star in “The Hanged,” the anticipated new film from “Narcos” director Fernando Coimbra.

The news comes as Gullane unveiled in Cannes its first post-pandemic movie slate, led by two movies from director Cao Hamburger.

For “The Hanged,” Montenegro joins real-life daughter Fernanda Torres in the film.

Produced with Globo Filmes and Telecine, “The Hanged” is co-produced by Portugal’s Fado Filmes Paris Filmes distributes in Brazil.

” ‘The Hanged’ has been long delayed due to the pandemic but we are very honored to have two of the biggest acting stars, part of recent Brazilian cinema history,” said producer Caio Gullane.

Other pics on the Gullane slate include Hamburger’s “Paulo Freire: The Story of Revolution,” a drama about a successful adult literacy initiative launched by Freire in the humble city of Anglicos. But a U.S. government backed military coup shutters the Freire’s program, forcing him into exile where he writes a masterpiece, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.”

Also from Hamburger, fiction drama “School Without Gates, produced with Globo Filmes, turns on real-life figure Braz Nogueira, who transforms Campos Salles School in São Paulo’s Heliopolis favela, and a whole community with it.

Gullane will also shoot, in the second half 2022, the drama “O cobrador de fraque,” produced with Portugal’s Ukbar and directed by Tomás Portella, helmer of Netflix action thriller “Carga Maxima,” which Gullane has just started re-shooting.

Gullane and Hamburger teamed on Oscar-shortlisted Berlin Competition contender “The Year My Parents Went on Vacation.”

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