Greggs axes popular Christmas bake from new festive menu

Greggs axes fan favourite from the festive menu – and customers fume that decision has ‘ruined Christmas’

  • One fan said the decision by Greggs has ‘actually ruined Christmas’
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Greggs has one notable absence from its festive menu this year – and some fanatics have claimed the loss of the vegan favourite has ‘ruined Christmas’.

The vegan festive bake has been a staple since it was introduced in 2021, but has now been axed from the Christmas menu at the high street bakery.

Instead, a spicy vegetable curry bake has been added to the seasonal menu. 

However, that’s not to say that vegans don’t have festive options at Greggs, with a vegan turkey-free and stuffing baguette now on the menu for 2023. 

One person said on X, formerly Twitter: ‘Sorry but Greggs not bringing back the vegan festive bake this year has actually ruined Christmas.’

Another person said the news of the vegan festive bake’s demise had ‘ruined my week’, whereas someone else said it had ‘ruined my entire year’.

Greggs have dropped the Vegan Festive Bake (right) from its Christmas menu despite bringing back the standard Festive Bake (left)

Some fans of the high-street bakery chain said that the decision to remove the bake after two years has ‘ruined Christmas’

The festive bake consists of crumb-coated pastry filled with chicken, sage and onion stuffing and bacon in a sage and cranberry sauce, while its meat-free counterpart swapped the chicken and bacon for meat free equivalents and had a vegan pastry coating. 

Its replacement, the spicy vegetable curry bake, is described as ‘a vibrant mix of rice and veg, including chickpeas, onions, sweetcorn, pepper and parsnip all in a curry sauce – with added chillies for that kick of seasonal spice.’

But one person noted that the vegan festive bake is not the only meat-free alternative to bite the dust at the chain.

They said: ‘Beyond disappointed with the @GreggsOfficial vegan bake options these days. 

‘What happened to the vegan festive bake or the vegan sausage bean and cheese bake!!’

The vegan steak bake has also been removed from their menu despite a promising introduction in 2020.

Vegan Festive Bake fans did not hold back  in response to the news, with one even saying he would boycott Greggs as a result

It comes as the meat-alternatives industry suffers a slump as sales have flatlined, possibly fuelled by their relatively high price compared to real meat.

But plenty seem enthusiastic enough to buy this particular option, if they had the opportunity.

Another X user went as far as saying:  ‘I’m boycotting @GreggsOfficial until they bring back the Vegan Festive Bake.’

Others said they were ‘devastated’ and heartbroken by the ‘travesty’. 

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