Genius Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25

Vitruvi Essential Oil Kit

In a year when we could all use some extra calm, a little aromatherapy goes a long way. But rather than guessing whether they’re more of a lavender or eucalyptus person, this kit includes five best-sellers to test out along with a $15 credit.

Buy it! Vitruvi Discovery Kit, $15;

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Lisa Says Gah Denim Wine Tote

Moo-ve over plastic bags — this reusable tote pairs perfectly with a bottle of wine, whether you’re gifting it or enjoying it at home. It comes in a variety of patterns, but the of-the-moment cow print is easy to incorporate into any outfit. The denim tote is perfectly sized to carry a bottle of wine, but you can use it for any beverage of  your choice. 

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Apricot LA Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are a clear signifier of adulting, if you ask us, but they can often feel too stiff or precious. Enter this whimsical tie-dye set from Etsy shop Apricot LA, which strikes the perfect balance of casual and elegant (not to mention eco-friendly). Available in a number of colorways, there’s a handmade set to elevate all of the post-pandemic dinner parties you’re dreaming of. 

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Maison Balzac Volute Candles

Available in a variety of playful colors to brighten up any room, these unique, unscented candles are the perfect stocking stuffer. The glass holders are sold separately, so feel free to get creative with how you use the candles, such as displayed in an empty wine glass. 

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Crown Affair Silk Scrunchies

Made from 100 percent silk, these chic scrunchies help avoid the crimping and breakage that’s common with elastic hair ties. Particularly great for fine, dry or curly hair, they look and feel great both in a ponytail or on your wrist.

Buy It! $15 for 3,

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Z Supply Socks

Trust us: Fuzzy socks are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Bring this printed pair to White Elephant, and everyone will want to steal your gift. 

Buy it! Star plush socks, $12;

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Maude Burn Massage Candle

Set the mood with this skin-softening, jojoba-oil-based massage candle. Light the match and enjoy the notes of amber, lemongrass and tonka bean — once melted, the wax can be applied onto the skin for a massage, whether you’re solo or with a partner. 

Buy It! $15 for 2 oz., $25 for 4 oz.,

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Pampered Chef Kitchen Essentials

This range of affordable kitchen essentials, like a garlic peeler & slicer and potato masher, make whipping up new recipes so easy, even novice chefs will be thrilled to spend all winter cozied up in the kitchen.

Buy It! $11 and up,

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Dripkit Packets

Bring your favorite local coffee shops home — or gift them to a caffeine-loving friend — with Dripkit’s ready-to-brew packets of your favorite blends, including Stumptown’s Holler Mountain and Verve’s Seabright.  

Buy It! $15 for a 5-pack,

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Bare Minerals Cheek & Lip Set

Go glam for the holidays with this limited edition four-piece set of some of the brand’s best-sellers, including finishing powder, bronzer, blush and lipstick. With a $61 value, this set’s a steal! 

Buy It! $15,

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Wildland Organics Gua Sha

Gua Sha tools have been used for centuries in Chinese beauty to gently massage away facial tension and increase circulation — and who couldn’t use a little extra self-care this holiday season?

Buy it! Gua Sha, $20 each;

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Kitsch Face Masks

No, we never thought we’d be asking for face masks this year either. But since we are, they may as well be super-cute, super-soft and super-breathable like these 100-percent cotton set. 

Buy it! Cotton face masks set of 3, $13;

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Habit Journal

Journaling is a great way to clear your head and organize your thoughts — something that feels more necessary than ever this year. But it can be difficult to stay on track with writing, which is where the Habit Journal enters the picture. A step up from a basic notebook, it helps provide a structure in order to inspire planning and goal-setting for the future, and creates a space for mindfulness and self-reflection while keeping you accountable.

Buy It! $24,

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Skin Supply Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become a must-have in our daily lives, but finding one that doesn’t dry out our hands has proven to be a little tough. Skin Supply’s formula is not only effective, but it also hydrates and leaves skin feeling soft thanks to added eucalyptus and aloe. Plus, the bottle lasts forever!

Buy It! On sale for $8.99, 

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