Gallery reveals the MOST random text messages people have received

LOL! People share their VERY funny text exchanges – including a woman who pranked a man hoping for nudes

  • Ruin My Week rounded up texts from around the world that have gone viral 
  • One image shows someone losing a friend because of the way they eat
  • Another snap features a woman fooling a man into thinking she’s sending nudes 

These hilarious text messages are proof that sometimes a phone call is the easiest form of communication. 

Ruin My Week has rounded up a selection of text messages from around the world that have gone viral on social media for a hilarious gallery that will make you remember the most random interactions you’ve had.

Among the amusing posts is a woman who managed to fool a man into believing that she was trying to send nude photographs, as she kept texting ‘Attachment : 1 image’.

Elsewhere, one person vowed not to be friends with someone who confirmed they eat sandwiches in a very unique way.  

Here, FEMAIL picks out some of the most random text messages ever received… 

Ruin My Week has rounded up a selection of the most random text messages from around the world – including a woman who fooled a man into believing she was struggling to send nude photographs

Starting a trend! One person unexpectedly received a photograph of a person wearing an outfit made out of paper bags but still offered a compliment 

Another individual who received a random photograph of a half eaten sandwich, replied ‘yes’ after being asked if that’s how they eat 

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Waste of time! One person was left in hysterics after suddenly receiving an opportunity to interview for a job they applied for five years ago

Another individual was certain the person who texted them wasn’t thinking straight, after receiving a text gushing about using an ankle monitor to prevent cheating

A woman who asked a potential love interest where he works was horrified when he replied back with a list of requirements 

Time to block! One man shared how his ex continued to send insulting text messages after he replied to an initial drunk message

Another individual sent a message admitting they had just embarrassed themselves at work, only to receive a very random response

The recipient of a very morbid message from their grandmother took to Twitter, to share how their elderly relative assumed they had died

Exit chat! One person sent a photograph of their doors after receiving a random text message asking for the snaps

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