From Gold To Diamonds: The Most Expensive Toothbrushes In The World, Ranked

A toothbrush is a mundane item that most people use every day without giving it a second thought. But what if you see that some toothbrushes are worth more than some of your luxury items. Yes, you read that right! From gold-plated handles to diamond-encrusted bristles, these toothbrushes redefine the meaning of luxury and opulence. Let’s take a closer look at the 9 most expensive toothbrushes in the world, and discover what makes them so special (and pricey!).

9 Zina45 Sonic Pulse Toothbrush – $250

Praised for its exceptional cleaning and polishing abilities that promote better gum health, the Zina45 Sonic Pulse Toothbrush boasts a unique 45-degree design equipped with bristles made of Dupont nylon. With a motor that operates at a remarkable speed of 33,000 strokes per minute, this brush provides a thorough and efficient cleaning, while the ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip during use. The Zina45 brush is equipped with an automatic timer that signals when you’ve reached the recommended 2-minute brushing time, and it also includes 4 mid-brush alerts to prompt switching sides. The price of the Zina45 Sonic Pulse Toothbrush is set at $250.

8 Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Sonic Toothbrush – $325.99

The Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Sonic Toothbrush is an ideal choice for individuals with braces or other dental appliances, as it effectively cleans hard-to-reach areas of the teeth without causing harm. Its gentle approach to oral hygiene also makes it an excellent option for people with sensitive gums and teeth that have suffered wear and tear. Featuring soft, fine filaments that provide a professional-grade clean, the Curaprox brush offers 7 different cleaning modes, 3 brush heads, and a customizable 10-degree brushing angle to enhance your cleaning performance.

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7 IPX7 Electric Toothbrush – $379.46

With its impressive 5 cleaning modes and a built-in smart timer that prompts users to brush for at least 2 minutes, the IPX7 Electric Toothbrush by NCRD ensures a thorough cleaning experience. To help cover all areas of the mouth, the IPX7 Electric Toothbrush also pauses every 30 seconds as a reminder to switch to a different section. Furthermore, this toothbrush is equipped with a USB charger and comes with a convenient travel case, while its waterproof design adds to its durability. Priced at $379.46, this toothbrush offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for those who value superior oral hygiene.

6 DiamondClean Smart 9700 Toothbrush – $415.79

Boasting an advanced design, the DiamondClean Smart 9700 Rechargeable Toothbrush features smart sensors that provide real-time feedback as you brush. These sensors are connected wirelessly to a free app, which helps guide you through brushing all areas of your mouth for a complete and thorough cleaning. Renowned for its luxury electric toothbrushes, Philips Sonicare has introduced the DiamondClean Smart 9700 as an exceptional addition to its lineup. This toothbrush retails for an impressive $415.79, reflecting its advanced features and superior performance.

5 iO Series 9S Rose Quartz Electric Toothbrush – $429.76

The iO Series 9S Rose Quartz Electric Toothbrush boasts a state-of-the-art 3D tracking system that logs your cleaning routine and adjusts your brushing experience according to your preferences. With seven distinct modes to choose from, this toothbrush utilizes advanced AI technology to show how well you’re cleaning each aspect of your teeth, providing a comprehensive oral care solution. The iO Series 9S Rose Quartz Electric Toothbrush is Oral-B’s most expensive toothbrush yet, priced at $429.76.

4 Prestige 9900 – $799

The Philips Sonicare Prestige 9900 toothbrush is an advanced electric toothbrush equipped with SenselQ smart toothbrush technology. This intelligent device senses your brushing style and adjusts the intensity of cleaning, ensuring optimal oral hygiene. The Prestige 9900 also provides real-time feedback to its user through beeps and vibrations, alerting them when they are applying excessive pressure while brushing. With an integrated touch control interface and a vegan leather travel case, this toothbrush is the epitome of style and convenience. Priced at $799, it’s one of the most expensive toothbrushes on the market.

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3 Cartoon U-Shaped Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush – $986.61

The Cartoon U-Shaped Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush is a novel toothbrush being sold on Amazon that has not yet been reviewed. While we cannot attest to its quality, it comes with a steep price tag of $986.61. The toothbrush is designed in the shape of a cute little monster and is made from food-grade blue silicone. It is available in three colors and comes with a wireless platform that can be charged via USB. The unique feature of this toothbrush is its ring-shaped brush head, which fits around a child’s teeth and automatically brushes all sides of their mouth.

2 Reinast Luxury Toothbrush – $4,200

The handle of the Reinast Luxury Toothbrush is crafted from solid titanium, a high-quality, durable, and lightweight metal commonly used in aerospace engineering and medical devices. This toothbrush is the epitome of luxury and elegance. For those who are unused to the weight of such a brush, it comes with a selection of bumpers to ease into the experience without compromising the brush’s beauty and cleaning ability. While it comes at a hefty price tag of $4,200, it is a unique and exquisite toothbrush that makes a statement.

1 Heritage Toothbrush – $6,500

The most expensive toothbrush available is the Heritage Toothbrush, designed by Charles Darius in Paris, France. Each brush is meticulously hand-crafted and is available with either a solid gold (14K or 18K) or black rhodium handle. The 18K solid gold handle version costs a whopping $6,500, making it the most expensive toothbrush globally. The brush itself is made from biodegradable bamboo, and replacement bristles are available for purchase to extend the life of your investment. It typically takes between 10 to 30 days for the toothbrush to arrive after ordering, and it is non-returnable.

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