Fitness model takes snaps seconds apart to show influencers are human too

It’s hard not to compare yourself to the influencers you see on social media.

With their jet-setting lifestyles, luxury wardrobes and glamorous appearances, it can be difficult to scroll through feeds when you’re feeling low.

But thankfully, some Instagram stars are on a mission to share the reality behind these posts.

Bree Lenehan, a fitness and body positivity guru, wants her fans to know that social media stars are “human” too.

She shared various pictures side-by-side to show how much you can alter your appearance by posing.

The 25-year-old, from Australia, wants her followers to know that perceived “imperfections” don’t need to be “fixed” to match beauty standards you see online.

She said: “Just in case you forgot: You don't have to have a certain body to rock your favourite activewear set & embrace your body!

“Happy Real Me Monday! I know that Mondays are renowned for being a fresh start, the day to kickstart your goals & make drastic changes… So I’m just leaving this here as a reminder that:

“You can prioritise your health & still eat your fav burger.

“You can enjoy a weekend of eating freely with friends without punishing yourself today.

“You can love working out & still enjoy rest days.

“You can have bad body image days & still love, respect & appreciate your body.

“You can have cellulite, fat on your body, stretch marks while still being the fittest & healthiest you’ve ever been.

“You can have both, it’s not all or nothing.”

Bree revealed she lifts weights four times a week to maintain her health and fitness.

She also makes sure to live a balanced lifestyle by eating nourishing foods and getting plenty of rest.

The influencer explained: “I do this not to punish my body, but to nourish it. It makes me feel good.

“So why is it that when we picture ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’, we picture the version on the left, but not the right?

“Why is cellulite, tummy fat, stretch marks, etc something we seek to 'fix' through food, exercise & lifestyle changes?”

Bree added: “Why do we set ourselves an expectation to look a certain way and fit a very specific beauty standard when our lifestyles, our history, our genetics and our body compositions are all different?

“The truth is, ‘healthy’ is going to look different on everyone. And yes, for most of us, that includes cellulite, rolls, lumps, bumps & marks.

“That’s not something that needs fixing, changing or hiding! That’s just human.

“You’re a piece of art! Don’t forget it.”

The post garnered more than 32,000 likes – and many said Bree’s body positive message had helped them.

One commenter wrote: “Thank you Bree! Was just about to cover up because I’m bloated today.”

Another said: “Needed to hear this! Thank you, you’re amazing.”

A third wrote: “You’re the most inspiring person I know, thank you so much for everything.”

And a fourth added: “THANK YOU, yes nothing about you needs fixing.

“I’m sick of people telling us we need to be fixed! We are 100% fine the way we are.”

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