Fitness guru remakes KFC Zinger burger with half the calories in foodie hack

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A fitness influencer has shared her secret cooking hack to make her "healthier version" of KFC Zinger burger – but viewers were divided about the recipe.

Bec Hardgrave, from Brisbane, east Australia, said she was inspired to find a healthier version of the burger after a visit to her local fast food outlet.

She tried the Zinger Crunch burger and wanted to replicate it with a lower calorie alternative.

The foodie decided to swap out the KFC chicken and burger buns with products from her local supermarket instead.

Posting the cooking tip online, Bec said: "I grabbed my Aldi brioche bun and hot and spicy chicken tenders.

"I used light mayonnaise and Siracha to make my 'Zinger' sauce. I toasted my buns and added crunchy slaws, the tenders, cheese.

"And finally I added some Doritos for that extra crunch.

"Altogether it was 456 calories. You guys definitely have to try this out, it's delicious!"

Taking a bit bite off the "fakeaway" burger, she gives verdict and admits that the chicken tenders aren't as delicious as the ones at the famous Colonel's.

But apparently, it's still worth a remake!

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"It’s also the perfect lower calorie alternative to the new KFC crunch range," she added.

But her viewers had doubts over the "healthy" aspect of the homemade burger.

One said: "The chicken tenders are frozen processed food, it's just as bad as KFC."

"That plastic cheese in your burger, sorry it's not healthy," a second wrote and a third added: "You bought the slaw, you didn't make anything. I would much prefer the KFC burger."

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Some said they don't mind to try making the burger and said it could be a good lunch option for their children.

"Looks better than the KFC one," a fan commented and another penned: "Well done, I've always wanted a Zinger remake!".

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