Festive high street lunches that contain more calories than a Big Mac

How unhealthy is YOUR Christmas sandwich? The festive high street lunches that contain more fat and calories than a Big Mac

  • Experts have revealed that festive sandwiches can contain up to 777 calories 
  • Meanwhile McDonald’s Big Mac burger contains just 518 calories in contrast 
  • Brie sandwiches tend to be most unhealthy with highest fat content 
  • Tesco comes out with most calorific sandwiches overall, with four in the top ten

The high street is heaving with Christmas sandwiches, but if the festive treats become your lunch staple in the run up to the big day, it might not do your waistline any favours. 

Experts have revealed how some of the festive offerings from chains and supermarkets are packed with more calories and fat than fast food burgers.

Leading food intolerance testing firm YorkTest Laboratories analysed the nutritional content of more than 50 seasonal offerings and found that 10 of the Christmas sandwiches on the high street contain more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac, which contains 518 calories.  

Tesco has the most unhealthy offerings, with four of the top ten most calorific sandwiches coming from the supermarket.  

The high street sandwiches with the most calories and fat 


1) Asda Triple Turkey Wrap: 777kcal

2) M&S Three Bird Roast Sandwich – 608kcal

3) M&S Made Without Wheat Brie and Grape Sandwich – 603kcal

4) Tesco Wicked Kitchen Festive Feast Wrap – 576kcal

5) Tesco Finest Turkey Feast Sandwich – 570kcal

6) Tesco Pigs Under Blankets Sub – 554kcal

7) Tesco Brie & Cranberry Panini – 537kcal

8) M&S Turkey Pigs In Blankets – 535kcal

9) Waitrose Christmas Pigs Under Blankets Sandwich – 534kcal

10) Asda Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich – 530kcal 


1) M&S Made Without Wheat Brie & Grape – 33.5g

2) Asda Triple Turkey Wrap – 31g

3) Tesco Wicked Kitchen Festive Feast Wrap – 27.6g

4) M&S Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese – 26.2g

5) Sainbury’s Brie & Cranberry – 24.1g

6) Tesco Brie & Cranberry Panini – 23.9g

7) M&S Turkey & Pigs In Blankets – 23.8g

8) Tesco Pigs Under Blankets Sub – 23.7g

9) Waitrose Pigs Under Blankets Sandwich – 23.3g

10) M&S Brie & Grape Sandwich – 21.4g 

Asda’s Triple Turkey Wrap was the worst offender for calories, coming out at 777kcal.

The sandwich also contains 31g of fat, making it one of the highest fat content in the festive category. 

Meanwhile M&S’ Three Bird Roast Sandwich is also heavy on the calories, with the Turkey, Chicken and Duck sandwiches totting up to 608 calories.  

And vegetarians and gluten free eaters don’t get off much lighter, with the M&S ‘Made Without Wheat Brie & Grape Sandwich’ containing the highest fat content overall, with a whopping 33g. 

Meanwhile the M&S Three Bird Roast, packed with traditionally festive flavours, also contains 608kcal – almost 100 more calories than a Big Mac 

That’s the same amount of fat as two McDonald’s Bacon and Egg McMuffins.

The brie and grape sandwich also contains makes up 603kcal, making it the third most calorific on the list. 

Nutritionist Ali Orr, of YorkTest Laboratories, said she was concerned that the sandwich because it contains almost half of a person’s recommended daily intake of fat. 

Tesco take fourth spot with their ‘Wicked Kitchen Festive Feast Wrap’, which contains 576kcal and a staggering 27.6g of fat (left). Meanwhile Tesco’s Finest Turkey Feast sandwich is also pakced full of calories, with 570kcal in the meaty meal (right)

She said: ‘The results may come as a real surprise to consumers.

‘When you look at the list, you might expect sandwiches containing multiple types of processed meats, stuffing and all the trimmings to be the highest in saturated fat.

‘But what we found was that Brie, made from cow’s milk, is actually the worst culprit, dominating our run-down.’

Experts revealed the Asda Triple Turkey Wrap contains a whopping  777kcal, making it the most calorific of the Christmas sandwiches this year 

She added: ‘The meat sandwiches were, however, the most likely to be loaded with salt.’

Expert Ali says there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a delicious festive treat – as long as it doesn’t become an unhealthy habit.

She added: ‘People like to make the most of seasonal products because they’re fun and something different.

‘Christmas is also a time of year where you might be forgiven for over-indulging – especially on rich cheeses’

She warned: ‘But it’s important not to make a habit of lunchtimes rich in saturated fats, as they can raise cholesterol levels and may also increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.

‘Retailers use the traffic light system to provide guidance on what levels of salt, fat and sugar a product contains. Make sure you heed the advice.’

The NHS sets out a person’s ‘daily reference intakes’ – the maximum amount of calories and nutrients you should eat in a day.

The ‘Pigs Under Blanket’ sub is another calorific offering from Tesco, with the meat filled sandwich containing 554kcal

They recommend for adults a maximum calorie input of 2,000kcal, less than 70g of fat, less than 20g of saturated fat, total sugars of 90g, and less than 6g of salt.

And if you feel sluggish and bloated after a sandwich lunch, don’t assume it’s just because you’ve eaten too much – you may be suffering from an underlying food intolerance.

She adds: ‘Many people don’t link specific ingredients with how they feel minutes, hours or even days after eating.

‘But symptoms such as bloating, tiredness, headaches and other IBS-type issues could well be a sign of a hidden sensitivity to certain ingredients.

‘If you have concerns, it’s important to seek help.’


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