Extremely cute cat with a major underbite is constantly sticking out his tongue

Patches is a very silly-looking cat, and that’s why we adore him.

Why does he look a tad goofy? It’s all down to his tongue, which he’s constantly sticking out thanks to a drastic underbite.

15-year-old moggy Patches lives with his owner, Ashleigh, 25, and another cat called Comet in West Virginia, US. Since Ashleigh posted his photo in a Facebook group dedicated to ‘wonky’ cats, he’s now getting a taste of online fame.

Ashleigh had no idea she was adopting a virality-bound cat when she first met Patches.

‘He was still a tiny kitten when I got him, the day before my 10th birthday,’ Ashleigh tells ‘He wasn’t fully developed so his mouth looked normal at the time – but if I had known, I still definitely would have adopted him!’

Ashleigh, who works from home, so is able to spend plenty of time with her feline pals, adopted Patches back in 2005, when her neighbour put her in touch with some people who had a ‘ton’ of cats and couldn’t give little Patches the proper care.

As he grew a little older, Ashleigh noticed that Patches’ tongue was constantly hanging out.

It turned out this was due to an overbite, which thankfully causes the cat no issues – he can eat and meow perfectly fine, but just looks a touch funny thanks to his lolling tongue.

He’s a happy cat who’s showered with love, no matter how goofy he may look.

‘Patches is a super loving, playful cat,’ says Ashleigh. ‘He can be very goofy at times and he likes to run through the house after he uses the bathroom.

‘He’s very small, about 6lbs.

‘He loves meowing at his leopard print toy mouse and sometimes he likes to lick random objects (not surprising since his tongue is out so much).

‘He doesn’t really dislike anything in particular, he’s really a sweetheart.’

While his tongue is usually just subtly poking out, Patches will sometimes stick it out all the way in a rather adorable tongue-out-emoji pose. His tongue sometimes gets stuck that way, which makes for some great photo opportunities.

When Ashleigh posted a video of tiny Patches and his sticking-out tongue in the THIS CAT IS WONKY Facebook group, it quickly racked up more than a thousand likes and hundreds of comments from people appreciating his eternal blep.

‘This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen,’ wrote one member of the group.

Another said: ‘I would die a slow and painful death for Patches.’


We reckon Patches is bound for internet fame, and strongly urge Ashleigh to make the cat an Instagram, stat.

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