#ESSENCEApproved – Grab These Black-Owned Products For Back To School Season

Here at ESSENCE, we are launching a new article series entitled #ESSENCEApproved. In these monthly-themed articles, the ladies of Black Girl Magic headquarters will be sharing our favorite Black-owned products that you oughta know about.

This month, Stephanie Dunivan, Vice President in charge of Video & Branded Content at ESSENCE is teaming up with her son, Reza to share some of their favorite Black-owned products for this year’s Back to School season.

3pk Ballpoint Pens Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Brave. Black Ink – Be Rooted

We absolutely love these ballpoint pens by Be Rooted. It’s a great way to look down and see some inspiring messages as Reza battles those pop quizzes throughout the year. I absolutely love the color combo and can see this inspiring the look of the rest of his supplies for the year.

Young King Hair Care Kids Conditioner – 8oz

We have been big on my son being able to groom and take care of himself. Although Reza is headed to high school, college is right around the corner!

Hair has been a one point of focus. Finding a conditioner that detangles and leaves his frohawk shiny and defined was crucial. We love all of Young King Hair Care products for this very reason. And the smell!!!!! We highly recommend!

Hustle Clean Body Wipes – Fresh Scent

On that same note, hygiene is another huge focus point for us and making sure our growing teen can consistently keep himself fresh and clean. While he won’t be showering during school hours, these Hustle Clean Body Wipes are perfect for a post PE refresh before heading to his next class.

Pair of Thieves Men’s No Show Cushion 3pk Socks

He loves all of Thieves Men’s products. The undies are super soft and the designs and really dope! These no show cushion socks are great. I highly recommend them for teens who love to rock running shoes.

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