Drake Joins Forces With Paul Rudd & Patrick Mahomes For Surprise State Farm Super Bowl Ad: Watch

State Farm dropped its 1st-ever Super Bowl ad during the big game on Feb. 7, and it was a star-studded one! The popular insurer enlisted rapper Drake and actor Paul Rudd to join State Farm ambassadors, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers!

Drake and Paul Rudd made surprise comical cameos in State Farm’s first-ever Super Bowl ad during the 55th annual game against the Tom Brady‘s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs. The rapper and actor also joined State Farm ambassadors, Mahomes and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers — who was named the NFL’s new MVP. It’s a big week for Rodgers, who also announced his engagement on February 6.

The 30-second commercial — which the insurer teased with two pre-game spots — shows the brand’s famous spokesperson, Jake, sitting on the set of a State Farm commercial with Rodgers and Mahomes. The trio are supposed to be vetting their prospective stand-ins. While Aaron awaits his on-screen double, a man who looks nothing like him tries to shoot his shot to be in the commercial.

“Jake from State Farm, you couldn’t find a stand-in that looked anything like me?”, Rodgers asks while a man with long curly hair and a cheese hat on his head says to the star QB, “Look! I’m you!” That’s when Mahomes chimes in with a similar comment: “Have you seen mine?” he asks, while pointing to Rudd, who’s rocking the same beige, black and white sweatshirt as the expectant dad. “It’s like looking in a mirror,” the actor says while he attempts and fails to throw a Mahomes-esque pass.

State Farm released two separate teasers ahead of the big game spot. The first 20-second teaser features Jake hinting that a newcomer is headed to the State Farm brand ambassador list. “Every football fan knows Team State Farm. We got Rodgers. We got Mahomes. And this Sunday, we’re adding another elite talent to the roster,” Jake says.

The second teaser shows a mockup game plan with photographs of Rodgers and Mahomes. Jake unlocks another secret about the new ambassadors when he discovers a post-it that reads “Book Super Star!!” as he speaks on the phone to someone “busy working on the new album.”

“The Big Game is the only media event each year where people are as excited about the advertising as they are the event, so we’re going to bring fans something entertaining and memorable,” said State Farm Chief Marketing Officer Rand Harbert in a statement, while also alluding to “some surprise special guests you won’t see coming.”

Last year, State Farm ran a spot that introduced a new version of brand spokesman Jake in the pre-show before the Super Bowl.

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