Divorcees reveal shocking acts that led to the end of their marriage

Divorcees reveal the shocking acts that led to the end of their marriage – including a woman who discovered her husband had cheated while their child was battling cancer

  • People from around the world spoke candidly about why they got divorced 
  • Many told how their partner cheated multiple times and would be abusive
  • In one account a woman claims her husband tried to force them to have kids 

Saying ‘I do’ is meant to be one of the happiest moments of our lives – however, as these confessions prove, some marriages can have an unexpectedly bleak ending.

Divorcees from around the world took to anonymous confessions app Whisper to share how their relationship crumbled.

Shockingly, many contributors to the thread told how they had experienced abuse from their partner and even had to watch as their child was affected.

One woman divorced her husband, who is now in prison for life, after he molested their daughter and got into the routine of cheating on her with prostitutes.

Another told how her husband vented unleashed a furious tirade at her after she got an abortion, despite their initial decision not to have children.

People from around the world have shared what caused their marriage to crumble, including this woman who discovered her husband was having an affair while their son was battling cancer

A divorcee who felt free after her former lover was sentenced to life in prison told how he had molested her daughter and cheated repeatedly with prostitutes 

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One person was left heartbroken after discovering that their partner had married them specifically for their money and had already spent over $250,000 (£197,725) of it

Another woman said problems within her marriage began to arise after her husband went from beating her to hitting their son 

A woman who had made a decision with her husband not to have children chose to end their marriage after he changed his mind and tried to trick her into it

One person felt unable to continue their relationship after discovering that their partner had secretly been doing Class A drugs

Another woman confessed it took seeing her friend’s reaction to her husband’s behaviour for her to finally leave her marriage

A man who had suspicions about his wife’s fidelity told how they filed for divorce after he caught her in bed with another man

One woman ended her relationship after discovering that her husband had opened a number of credit cards and maxed them out without her knowledge

Another person revealed their former spouse had abused her for 11 years and was finally handed a string of convictions including sexual misconduct and enticement of a child

A woman who caught her husband planning to meet up with someone else on the internet told how it led to the end of their marriage

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