Derecho in Midwest Knocks Out Power for More Than 300K People, Damages 10M Acres of Iowa Crops

"Gas leaks throughout the city meant people with gas stoves couldn’t boil water," Kaplan went on. "No internet means no debit cards or credit cards or ATMs. All banks are closed… People with well water and no power are using buckets as toilets."

"Most power lines and poles are down. Power lines are draped over garages, nestled in broken branches, strung five feet high over roads, laying across the street, across the sidewalk, they are everywhere," he added. "If they turned the power back on the city would burn. There is no trash pickup. There are one hundred thousand fridges of rotting food. There are raccoons."

Fellow Iowa resident Spencer Davis echoed his sentiments, writing on Instagram: "We had no warning. We didn’t even know something like this was possible. None of us here have EVER seen something like this."

"People are dying. There are semis lying all over the interstates and highways. Students have no idea when they will be starting school because most of the school buildings have significant damage," Davis continued. "Older buildings are completely leveled. We need more awareness on this because with awareness comes money and help."

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