Daily horoscope for May 15: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY

The transit Moon moves through the zodiac of Libra between Wednesday, May 14, and Thursday, May 15. Libra is the seventh star sign of the zodiac and represents the air house of elements in the constellation Libra. The star sign is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, and is said to represent diplomacy and cooperativeness. As a result, people who have a strong Libra influence in their lives are believed to be gentle and harmonious individuals.

Libras are fair, peaceful and hate to be alone and will always seek out companionship where possible.

The Moon in Libra is joined by the Sun in Taurus the Bull – the second of the 12 zodiac signs.

Taurus is a very grounded earth sign, known for being headstrong and uncompromising.

People who follow Taurus in their horoscope charts, often find a passion for hard work and are devoted to their close ones.

The combination of horoscope signs appears alongside a total of four celestial bodies in the house of earth.

These are the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus all in the sign of Taurus.

According to astrologer Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers, this combination results in a very “sweet energy” in the heavens today.

The astrologer said: “These couple of days, Wednesday and Thursday, is sweet, grounded, lovely, artistic.

“If someone was born with four planets in Taurus and the Moon in Libra, they would have a natural gift with flowers, with food, with creating an atmosphere at home, with being able to make you feel safe, with their hands, with clay, with sawing, making things.

Wednesday and Thursday, is sweet, grounded, lovely, artistic

Debra Silverman, Astrology Answers

“So, enjoy these few days with the artistic flavour of Libra that has the aesthetic.”

With the rapidly approaching start of Summer in June, the world is in full bloom of “beautiful colours”.

Ms Silverman advised you rid yourself of burdening objects, which contribute nothing to your surrounding and build yourself a safe space.

She said: “And most of all, it’s got a romantic feeling because you put Taurus and Libra together and you get love.

“So, I’m going to suggest you keep your heart open and make sure you create a sacred space to do what? To do love.

“Why else are we here? Astrology Answers wanted me to tell you love is everything.”

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