Daily horoscope for March 29: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Sunday starts with a Trine between Venus and Pluto in Capricorn in horoscope. The end of the weekend also observes the Moon enter Gemini.

The astronomical consensus is the combination of two is just the ticket to get things shifting.

Daily life has apparently changed irrevocably in the last few weeks.

Fortunately the star sign Gemini positively affects transitions and understanding current affairs.

You may notice there is nothing you cannot do for love with Venus and Pluto up above.


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When Venus in Taurus today forms a Trine with planet Pluto you will be unstoppable in relation to love.

You will stop at nothing to scratch that itch, get your kicks or show someone just how deeply you care.

Money is not an object either and you might be spending quite a chunk of it…

As Venus and Pluto engross you in the most fascinating love story yet, the Gemini Moon will remain at a safe distance.

This is the ultimate paradox today as both Venus and Pluto want you all in.

However, Gemini likes to stay safe, meaning you will soon be pulling back a little.

You are now attempting to keep your options open and learn more about what you have just gotten yourself into.

Ringed planet Saturn provides some good news today as it is in a friendly sign.

This means Gemini can finally catch a break and so can you.

Expect some area of your life which has not had much luck to receive a sudden boost.

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As the Moon trines Saturn, you begin to feel at ease with some recent changes, incorporating them into your outlook.

The Moon connects with Chiron and the Sun in Aries next and things are finally gathering momentum.

In addition, Mercury’s finally stepping out of his own shadow and you can now put the whole past two months into perspective.

There will consequently be a sense of normality resuming at long last in this crazy world.

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