Dad-to-be discovers pregnant wife is his half-sister but they want to keep baby

A man claims he and his pregnant wife have found out they are actually brother and sister.

Posting on reddit , the man, 24, from England claimed the couple had been horrified to discover they are actually half-siblings after eight years together.

The anonymous poster explained he and his wife, 25, had recently learned they share a biological father.

He wrote that he didn't want to reveal how they found out, but added they had confirmed they were half-siblings via a private DNA test.

He explained only that his wife's mum had admitted to him at a "rough moment" who her daughter's biological father was and the pieces of the puzzle fell into place from there.

He added that despite the couple working out the rest, neither spouses' parents knew they shared a biological father.

The man wrote on subreddit r/relationship_advice asking for advice on what to do – revealing they were already expecting a child when they found out.

He wrote in the post yesterday: "I know incest is against the law and I am terrified that we could be found out if anyone looked into our histories or if they (I heard they do this) take a DNA sample of our son for genetic testing to make sure he has no health problems and what could happen to us.

"I am not even sure what to do, except maybe ensure that we do not have more biological children even if our child turns out without a problem just to be safe and adopt or something instead."

He said his wife didn't believe in abortion- and they both wanted to keep their first child, which is due in March.

However he said they were worried about the legal consequences of having a child in what they now realised would be viewed as an incestuous relationship.

The man claimed their biological father is still alive but neither of them wanted anything to do with him, describing him as a 's****y person.'

He went on to explain neither of their mums had named the biological father on their birth certificates.

His wife's mum had a long-term boyfriend who raised her, while he had a stepdad, he explained.

The man continued that he was unsure if they should tell their parents of their discovery.

They were certain they wanted to stay together, he added.

He wrote: "Our feelings for each other have not changed and we do not want to split. We have known each other since starting school and been through some hard times together.

"I am afraid what this means for us and our child, if that means he will have any health complications in life."

He said both he and his wife didn't have history of illness in their mums' families.

The reactions

The man asked the subreddit community for advice, writing: "I don't want anyone to find out so I am keeping info to minimum and I will not let anything separate us and neither will she. 

"What could happen to us, what can/should we do, should I just bury it?"

It is impossible to know whether the anonymously posted ordeal is real. 

However the thread's contributors showed a lot of concern for the couple's claimed dilemma.

Some redditors weighed in telling the husband it would be dangerous to continue the pregnancy, warning of incest's high risk of hereditary genetic conditions.

Others urged the couple to speak to someone for advice like a priest or a genetic counsellor, reasoning that they can't break confidentiality.

One redditor who claimed to be a lawyer with experience in the area warned the man continuing their sexual relationship risked the potential for jail for committing incest.

Others told them to never tell anyone and continue their lives- but avoid having any more children.

One redditor wrote: "Take this knowledge out back, dispatch it quickly, dig a deep hole and bury it.

"Go forth and love the family that you have become and will remain."

But while the replies were mostly very sympathetic, some warned the couple against continuing the pregnancy.

Some warned that the popularity of home genetic tests like 23andme could mean the child would one day find out.

One redditor wrote:  "I know you said that both you and your wife are against abortion and I can understand that it’s an awful decision to have to make but I think you need to seriously consider the lifetime of fear, worry and potential shame that going through with the pregnancy will bring.

"You need to consider the feelings of your potential child and the burden that being a child of incest will have on them.

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