Chris Brown & Ammika Harris: Why He’s Gushing Over Her & Called Her ‘Baby Mamma’ After ‘Rough Patch’

After Chris Brown shocked fans by calling his rumored girlfriend his ‘baby mama,’ a source cleared up the confusion & EXCLUSIVELY told HL their current status as a couple.

While Chris Brown and model Ammika Harris, 25, were rumored to have split, we’ve seen no shortage of social media love between the two stars. As the 30-year-old singer continues to gush over Ammika, a source revealed to HollywoodLife why he’s ready to go the distance with her, even through the tough times.”Ammika lives in Germany so she and Chris spend a lot of time apart, which makes it complicated. He’s still seeing her but they just went through a rocky patch, you know how it is with long distance, it can cause a lot of drama. That’s why Chris has been giving her extra attention lately, to make sure she knows she’s still super important to him, the source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

The insider went on to clear up confusion amid fan speculation that Chris and his lady are expecting a baby. “Calling her his baby mamma, [on Instagram] it wasn’t literal, she’s not having his baby, at least not yet,” the source explained. “It’s just his way of letting her know how into her he is. Of course, if it were to happen Chris would be overjoyed, he adores Ammika and he loves being a dad. And they would sure have beautiful babies.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Chris Brown’s rep for comment.

While our source claims that the pair aren’t expecting a baby, not yet anyways, fans were convinced otherwise after Chris called her his “baby mama.” In a new Instagram pic, Ammika was seen holding a basketball while smiling and posing in front of a basketball set-up in an arcade room. “Yup,” Chris’ first of two comments read. “BM BAD,” read the second. It didn’t take long for fans to dissect what “BM” meant, but apparently, we shouldn’t take the comment so literally.

Chris and Ammika have been private about their rumored relationship and have never publicly confirmed their romance so it would be quite a surprise if they are expecting a child. If she is pregnant, though, it would be the second child for Chris, who already has four-year-old daughter Royalty with Nia Amey.

However, in the midst of all this, Chris was rumored to have split with Ammika, after he was spotted kicking it with Indyamarie on set of his new music video for “Type A Way.” Only time will tell how the R&B singer’s romance will pan out, but HollywoodLife will keep you posted.

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