Brits in furious debate about whether mayonnaise belongs on fish and chips

Is it acceptable to put mayonnaise on fish and chips? This is the question that's currently dividing the nation.

Thousands of people are debating the foodie topic on Reddit after someone posted a picture of the popular takeaway meal smothered in the creamy sauce.

While some people love dipping their chips in some mayo, others are saying "no way" – it simply doesn't belong.

The picture posted on the platform shows a large portion of the popular British takeaway meal with both mayonnaise and gravy on top of the chips.

It's left the nation completely divided as to what is the correct way to eat fish and chips.

One person said: "Tame. Wife puts mayo all over chilli con carne and rice. I can barely look at it."

Another added: "Of course! I’m half Flemish so rarely eat chips or fries with anything other than mayo. Every chippy there (or ‘frituur’) has its own recipe for mayo, so every one is ever so slightly different.

"Over here I’ve found Heinz mayo tastes the closest.

"I can’t understand the decision to have gravy with fish and chips though. Gravy and battered fish?! If anyone likes it, you do you I guess!"

For some people it was the combination of gravy and mayonnaise that wasn't quite right, with one person claiming: "Well usually yes, but with gravy? As well? No."

Another commented: "Personally no way. Salt and vinegar only", while another asked: "Yes, but why not tartare?"

Others were more liberal about the matter, with one social media user adding: "It's a problem that you feel the need to ask – eat what you want, man!"

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