British woman reveals three things she hates about living in Australia

British woman reveals the three things she hates about living in Australia: ‘I’m scared to say this’

  • A British expat on the Sunshine Coast revealed her pet peeves about Australia
  • There are three Aussie things the Brisbane-based woman cannot stand
  • She hates cafe closing times, the lack of bathrooms and the traffic light system
  • She also shares the things she loves about Australia, including slang and birds
  • Aussies have mixed reviews on her rant, some disagree and others fully agree

A British woman based on the Sunshine Coast has revealed the three ‘weird’ things she hates about living Down Under.

In the rant the expat felt ‘scared’ to upload, she said she hates traffic lights, the lack of toilets and cafe closing times.

Jordana Grace, who refers to herself as That British Gal on her social media, was quickly slammed by Aussies defending their habits, however other expats agreed with her.

The comedy writer has also shared her top three favourite things about Australia, including the slang and exotic birds. 

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A British woman living on the Sunshine Coast shared a TikTok video revealing her pet hates about Australia, including the lack of toilets, cafe closing times and traffic lights

‘I’m scared to say this,’ Jordana said when she uploaded her controversial TikTok.

‘Things they should tell you before coming to Australia – the three weird things I just don’t like.’

Her number one pet peeve is the fact that the traffic light system goes straight from red to green.

‘In the UK it’s quite a gentle system. It’s red, flashing amber and green to give you enough time to get into gear and go, but in Australia.. no gentleness, it’s just red, green, go,’ the expat said.

‘Before I’ve even got into gear people behind me are like “the lights green, go!” I don’t like it, it stresses me out.’

The second thing she hates about Australia is the fact that cafes on the Sunshine Coast often don’t have their own toilet, instead they share one with other cafes and you need a key to visit.

‘It’s not just a key, it’s some shovel-like thing so everyone knows where you’re going when you’re holding the shovel,’ she laughed.

She also hates that many cafes close by midday.

‘They all seem to close at like midday, what do you want me to do in the afternoon, socialise and meet new people? How dare you,’ she joked.

Suspecting the backlash her rant would cause, Jordana issued a disclaimer at the end of her video.

‘I still love Australia so please forgive me,’ she said. 

Despite her pet-hates Jordana assured her followers she ‘still loves Australia’, however several Aussies commented on her post disagreeing with her views

One Aussie quickly told the TikToker that ‘the Sunshine Coast is for retirees’ and that’s why the cafes close at midday.

‘I’m in Melbourne, nothing closes here lol, and toilets are everywhere pretty much,’ another commented.

However others could relate to her struggles: ‘I’m Aussie and I agree with the light system I get stressed out by it too,’ one woman said. 

Jordana documents her life since moving to Australia, and often talks about the biggest culture shocks she’s experienced. However, she previously shared the uniquely Aussie things that she loves about living here.

3 weird things I love about Australia 🇦🇺 why you should move to Australia #aussie #australia #beach #love #travelling

Firstly, she likes how ‘accessible’ living an outdoor lifestyle is in Australia. She loves the free barbecue areas offered in her state, something that’s not available in the UK.

She also loves Aussie slang, saying it ‘keeps [her] on [her] toes’.

‘It doesn’t make any sense, Aussies create Aussie slang thinking they’re making words shorter but they’re actually making them longer,’ she said.

‘You don’t say “chips” you say “hot chips”, you don’t say “no” you say “yeah nah.”

The final thing she loves Down Under is the ‘diverse range’ of bird calls.

She explained that the noises range from beautiful bird song, to the noise of the laughing kookaburra, or the screech of some birds.

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