'Britain's fattest cat' put on a diet after shocking rescue centre staff

A cat dubbed Britain’s fattest has been put on a diet after she shocked rescue centre staff with just how big she was.

At 1st 7lb, four-year-old Paisley weighed in at more than double the healthy 8lb weight for a cat.

Now, the cuddly kitty has been put on to a strict diet to help her shed the pounds after her owner couldn’t cope with her anymore.

Paisley is so big that she has to be helped to clean herself by staff at the Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre in West Sussex.

‘When I saw Paisley I thought. “oh my goodness”. It took my breath away. She’s the fattest cat I’ve ever seen,’ says Tania Marsh, deputy manager of the rescue centre.

‘I’ve been with Cats Protection for 13 years and we get some cats on the larger side sometimes but nothing of this extent.’

Staff at the centre believe that Paisley’s massive bulk is due to being overfed by her previous owner.

Tania added that Paisley hadn’t had enough opportunity to get much exercise which, combined with her poor diet, caused her weight to sky rocket.

Her former owners gave her up for adoption on 17 October, and Paisley has already found a new owner who she’ll be moving in with soon.

‘We can only put it down to the quantity of food she was given,’ says Tania.

‘She’s lovely, she’s very loving and interactive. She’s such a dear little cat so it’s sad to see her the weight that she is.

‘Paisley likes to sit on your lap but she really struggles to be as active as she should be.

‘She can’t move around properly to clean herself so we have to help her do it.’

Paisley is now on a vet-prescribed diet to help her slim down in a controlled way and it’s already working – her weight has dropped to 1st 6lb.

Tania said that despite the progress Paisley has made, she’s still at risk of developing diabetes.

‘There are so many health risks that are coming her way because of her weight such as diabetes and heart problems.’

When Paisley goes to her new home she’ll have to maintain the diet, no treats are allowed.

‘The cat food is specially formulated to have less calories and it allows them to feel fuller for longer so they don’t feel hungry all the time.

‘Regular checks with the vet will also be needed, we need to make sure she doesn’t lose weight too quickly otherwise she could develop a fatty liver.’

Tania added that the best way to keep cats healthy is to avoid over feeding them on treats and other snacks – as well as give them lots of love and attention.

‘My advice would be to feed your cats twice a day. Limit the treats and tidbits in between and if you do give them to your cat then modify their meal size accordingly.

‘Interact with them and move with them as much as possible.

‘If you’re not seeing that natural waist line when you look down at them than you should be able to feel it as you’re gently stroking them. If you can’t feel their ribs you need to think about helping them slim down.’

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