Body modification fan with hundreds of tattoos shows old snap without face ink

An extreme body modification fan with hundreds of tattoos amazed fans when he shared a throwback snap of himself.

The Instagram user, known as Remy, boasts 170,000 followers on the social media platform.

He's been progressing over the years as he often delights admirers of his transformation over the years.

Now in case you're wondering what he looks like without his facial tattoos, the Canadian has shared an old photo.

Posting to his followers last week, Remy wrote on his Instagram: "It's been 10 years since I got my first face tattoos.

"According to what 'they say' I should be a failure with no prospect and no future right now."

He added: "But instead, I'm a father, a husband, and I've owned my own home for nearly a decade.

"All the while never sacrificing my desires to appeal to this toxic idea of 'society'.

"I really hope I don't disappoint anyone still believing in such hateful old stigmas.

"It turns out being happy and doing what you want works out after all, who knew?"

In the photo on the left, Remy looks unrecognisable without his facial tattoos.

He does have his usual piercings you see today, and back then he rocked a very different hairstyle to now.

The photo on the left shows the Canadian smiling as he proudly showed off his ink and bald look.

Since he posted it last week, the upload racked up over 6,300 likes and hundreds of comments.

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One Instagram fan wrote: "Nice change," while another admitted: "So true."

A third user praised: "The years have been good to you man," as a fourth commented: "That hair is amazing!"

Others gushed over Remy's post, with one saying that he's "truly an inspiration".

Meanwhile, another wrote: "Love your look man! You are beautiful inside and out."

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