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WHEN YOU become a parent, you find yourself doing things you once thought impossible: sucking snot out of a baby’s congested nose ranks high on that list.

Similarly, when you become a dog parent, your love for your furry baby extends well beyond picking up dog poop. Pretty much every dog owner becomes a groomer at some stage in their pet’s life.

While some dog grooming rituals – like brushing your dog’s fur – can be pleasant, relaxing even, others, like clipping their nails, are not.

Your dog might be scared of the clippers – and you might be, too. To add to the stress, there's a bit of nail known as 'the quick', containing blood vessels you really don't want to accidentally snip.

Of course, your dog’s nails can be clipped at the groomers, but often they’ll need it done more regularly than every couple of months (if you can hear your dog’s nails tapping on the floor as they walk, they probably need a trim).

This isn’t just about appearance: it can cause your dog joint pain if you don’t trim their nails, and can be a safety issue if they're accidentally scratching you. An added incentive for doing it at home? If you invest in a good set of dog nail clippers, you can save a lot of money, avoiding grooming visits and vet trips in the long run.

Dog nail clippers run the gamut from clippers that look like garden shears to electric nail grinders – the choice is yours to make of how you’d prefer to do it.

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