Best Astroturf Football Boots 2019 | The Sun UK

NOT all football boots are made equal and arguably one area where any old shoe won’t do is on the astroturf.

The choice of pitch for the casual five- or seven-a-side players, astroturf boots don’t need the bells and whistles of professional football boots.

But they do need to have the right fit, comfort and grip, and seeing as it’s in the name of fun, no harm in them looking stylish either!

The best pair will typically come with a cushioned midsole, short dimple style studs, and with outsoles specifically designed for play on artificial pitches.

This means avoiding shoes with firm ground soles, plastic moulded studs (look for moulded circular studs), and certainly steer clear of metal blades unless you want to get turfed out for damaging the artificial pitch!

Luckily, these astroturf boots are the real deal.

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