Becca Bowen Delivers An Anthem For Those ‘Struggling To Find Their Place’ With ‘Just Be You’

In a world full of ‘judgment and criticism,’ country singer Becca Bowen is here to spread ‘kindness and love’ with the music video for ‘Just Be You,’ a song she tells HL is about being ‘proud of who you are.’

“With the song and video for ‘Just Be You,’ I wanted to make a difference,” country artist Becca Bowen tells HollywoodLife. Though Becca dubs herself “Country Barbie” on social media, there’s nothing plastic behind the heartfelt “Just Be You,” as its message of self-acceptance and love is evident from the very first note. In the music video, premiering here on HollywoodLife, a young woman dreams of country stardom. From practicing in her bedroom to styling her hair in the bathroom to watching Becca perform onstage, the young woman beams with the hope felt by everyone who dared to dream big. And when this girl finds her own spotlight, Becca will be there “in the front row” to see them shine.

“I wanted to reach those people who may be struggling to find their place,” she tells HollywoodLife. “Being different is what makes us all unique. If we came from the same mold, then life would be boring. I wanted to send the message that you should be proud of who you are. I believe this is an especially important message for our young people.” The song hails from Becca’s own experiences with getting comfortable in her own skin, since she also was “misunderstood, at times,” while growing up in the small town of West Columbia, South Carolina.

“I was a tomboy who enjoyed being in the outdoors, a southern belle who would get dressed up and also a very creative person who loved to sing,” she tells HollywoodLife. “I was judged based on what people perceived of me before they even met me. I know firsthand what it’s like to feel the effects of bullying as a child and also as an adult. What I can take from my own experiences Is that in a world full of judgment and criticism, choose kindness, acceptance, and love. Stay true to who you are, even if that means you may be misunderstood. It’s a powerful message to tell someone ‘Just Be You.’ Be the person you were meant to be! Find happiness in everything that you are.”

Becca has been on her own road to happiness since she was a little girl, signing from the age of 5. Pursuing her dreams has taken her down many different roads – from winning the title of Miss Bikini Fitness to opening up for legends like Alabama and James Brown to raising two girls as a working single mother. Though the journey has been winding, Becca has maintained her passion for music – and her authenticity, as her Instagram is full of shots of her loving both the “Country” and “Barbie” aspects of her moniker. It seems that when it comes to “Just Be You,” Becca not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

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