BBC Radio Bradford presenter dancing leaves Twitter users in hysterics

Christmas rapping! BBC Radio Bradford presenter caught on camera dancing and singing enthusiastically to Gangsters’ Paradise in the studio leaves social media users in hysterics

  • BBC broadcaster Rima Ahmed,  from Bradford, shared hilarious clip on Twitter
  • In the video, she can be seen dancing enthusiastically to Gangster’s Paradise
  • Stands up from her chair and boogies around while mouthing words to the song 
  • Posting video, she said she ‘sometimes forgets about the cameras in the studio’
  • Clip quickly went viral, with over 11,000 people liking it in less than 24 hours  

A BBC Radio Bradford presenter has left social media users in hysterics after she was caught on camera dancing enthusiastically in the studio to Gangster’s Paradise. 

Broadcaster Rima Ahmed, who grew up in West Yorkshire and hosts the breakfast show at the station, shared the hilarious video on Twitter yesterday, posting: ‘Sometimes I forget about the cameras in the BBC Radio Bradford studio, but I’m always quickly reminded.’

In the video, Rima can be seen boogieing around her desk while boogying and rapping along to the Coolio song, apparently completely unaware she is being filmed. 

The hilarious clip quickly went viral, with over 11,000 other users liking it in less than 24 hours, with one person commenting: ‘Isn’t she fabulous!? Dance like no one is watching. Made my day.’ 

Broadcaster Rima Ahmed, who grew up in West Yorkshire, has left social media users in hysterics after she was caught on camera dancing enthusiastically in the BBC Radio Bradford studio to Gangster’s Paradise

After a colleague caught a video of her dancing along to the Coolio tune on camera, the presenter uploaded the clip to Twitter, where it now has 11,000 likes 

Another wrote: ‘Even in these testing times, it is fantastic to see someone getting on with their work with so much joy and energy.

‘She’s smashing the moves!’ 

In the video, a colleague could be seen filming a TV screen which was showing a camera capturing the presenter’s studio. 

Rima could be seen excitedly gesturing as she danced around behind her desk, while playing the Coolio track on the radio. 

Social media users hailed Rima on Twitter, with many praising the young presenter for her energy 

She nudged her desk chair out of the way and played with the toggles on her radio decks as she moved around the studio, while enthusiastically performing the rap to a member of staff who was out of sight. 

After the 20 second clip was shared online yesterday, it quickly went viral, gathering 246k views in less than 24 hours. 

Social media users said it was ‘fabulous’, with one commenting: ‘You go girl. I remember back in secondary school. I did a play and sang this song. I felt so cool at the time.’ 

Another wrote: ‘This is so refreshing to watch. Can’t stop smiling. Love it!’  

Sharing the clip online, Rima said she ‘sometimes forgets’ there are cameras in the BBC Radio studio 

In the video, which was filmed by a colleague watching the studio camera feed, Rima could be seen dancing behind the decks at the station

‘I’m sorry but that is utterly glorious!’ One tweeted, ‘We need more dancing and joy in music. Party on, ma’am!’ 

One person commented: ‘This is how radio should be done – you are totally into your own output. Love this.’

The presenter is one of two new broadcasters who are fronting the new BBC Radio Bradford station.

The BBC launched the new local radio broadcasts last week in a bid to drive up audiences in areas where people rarely tune-in. 

Rima was discovered by the BBC through a talent search and won the BBC New Voices search last year. 

As well as the breakfast show, she presents Make A Difference community bulletins and the Girl Power Hour, which is all about championing female voices. 

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