Bar staff admit to serving booze from the drip tray to punters they dont like

For many, heading to the local boozer is the highlight of the week.

Chugging down pints while making memories with mates is seen as quite the British tradition for some.

Spending your hard earned money on a freshly chilled pint feels like a reward for slogging it away at work.

However, a pair of bartenders have just put a new fear into punters.

As they have admitted that not all booze may not be from the tap like expected.

Madeleine Brooking has shared that she and her colleague give customers they are not fond of “drip tray drink.”

Yes, you read that right.

The wastage booze that sits within a container along the bar, catching spilt drink and overflowing pints secretly served to unknowing customers.


Taking to her TikTok account @mbrookinggg, the bartender shared the moment her colleague poured the tray booze into pint glasses.

She explained: “Giving customers we don't like the drip tray drink.”

In the clip, the bar staff demonstrated the sneaky act as they poured the murky mix of drinks from the black container and from white tubs into glasses.

The cheeky bartender captioned the post: “This isn’t a joke.”

Since being posted, the grim drink wastage video has now racked up 2.8 million views and 134,000 likes.

Startled by the bartenders actions, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the pub antics.

One person voiced: “I’d take the urine instead, thanks.”

Another user commented: “Girlboss activity.”

While a third person added: “I just died a little inside.”

Someone else remarked: “This is why I have trust issues.”

As a fifth user noted: “That’s appalling, so wrong.”

Better be on your best behaviour at the bar…

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