‘Bachelorette’ preview: Hannah has her suitors strip down

Before becoming the Bachelorette, Hannah B. was Miss Alabama, so it follows that during her season of the ABC show, her suitors would compete in a pageant.

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In an exclusive first look at tonight’s episode, for which “Good Morning America” was present, Hannah judges the Mr. Right competition, in which the men are expected to wear Speedos for their walk.

Hannah told “GMA” that she was hoping the guys would “step it up and be bold.”

“Mr. Right is going to be someone who takes charge today,” she continued. “Someone who brings a lotta personality and just owns whatever they do, good or bad.”

For their part, the men seemed game. Jonathan, wearing tap shoes, teased in an interview with “GMA” that he might have a hidden talent to show off, while Mike was determined to show Hannah that he has a “sweet side as well as a funny side.”

To see how that portion of the date begins — and why one man apologizes to his mother on camera — check out the clip above.

“The Bachelorette” will air tonight at 8 Eastern/Pacific on ABC.

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