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Whether she’s celebrating her stretch marks, showing off her gorgeous curves or embracing her armpit hair, Ashley Graham always keeps things honest on social media.

Now, the 33-year-old supermodel is doubling down on her belief that body hair removal is a matter of personal preference, teaming up with Flamingo on a limited-edition Ashley Graham Shave Set ($18) and Ashley Graham Body Wax Kit ($10).

“My philosophy has always been: shave what you want, wax what you want, leave what you want — do what works for you,” Graham said in a statement on the personal care brand’s website.

According to the catwalker, the collaboration was directly inspired by those viral snaps of her stubbly underarms.

“Remember when I didn’t shave my armpits during quarantine and people threw a fit over it? Well guess what?! I made my own RAZOR,” Graham wrote on Instagram Wednesday.

“I personally use my Flamingo razor when I decide to shave my armpits, keep my bikini line in tact, or (when I’m feeling extra fancy) and want to shave my legs. I [love] that no matter if you shave or wax (or let your hair grow every now and then), they have OPTIONS.”

Graham’s shave set comes with a bright red razor, exfoliating mitt, shave gel, lotion, shower holder and mesh pouch, while her wax kit includes large and medium wax strips, post-wax cloths and a “Wax With Ashley” instruction booklet.

The style star’s not the only one working to normalize body hair; pop star Julia Michaels recently told us that ditching the razor felt “super liberating,” while Emily Ratajkowski, Halsey and Lourdes Leon have similarly skipped shaving in the past.

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