Are Santa’s reindeer female?

Golden Retriever seen dressed up as Santa for Christmas

Father Christmas will be busy preparing for the biggest night of the year, getting his sleigh ready to deliver presents around the world. With just a few days to go until Christmas Day, the North Pole is sure to be a hive of activity.

Many of us may be watching Christmas films to prepare for the festive season, with new and old movies to entertain this year. 

One new film is The Christmas Chronicles 2, starring Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, and his partner in real-life Goldie Hawn as Mrs Claus.

Fans have been enjoying the film, however, there is one element which has baffled some. 

During the film, Santa refers to his reindeer as “ladies” on more than one occasion – shocking fans who believed the trusty fleet was made up of males.

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One Twitter user said: “Yo I was watching Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix and they referred to the reindeer as girls and my mind was blown cause I was like wow nobody ever explicitly said it when I was growing up”.

Another added: “I was today years old when I found out that all of Father Christmas’ reindeer are female. 

“Apparently only female reindeer still have antlers at Christmas; the males shed their headgear before mid-December. RUDOLPH IS A LADY.”

So is this true? Are Santa’s reindeer female?

Santa has nine reindeer, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph. 

Whenever they are depicted Santa’s reindeer have antlers – and this is the tell-tale sign of their gender. 

According to scientists, male reindeer shed their antlers following mating season  – in early December. 

While female reindeer have thinner antlers which remain throughout the winter season.

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So for all nine reindeer to have their antlers on December 25, they must be female.

Males drop their antlers and are without them until they grow back the following spring. 

Female reindeer keep their antlers until any calves are born around May time. 

Fun facts about Santa Claus

Santa’s sleigh is possibly the fastest vehicle ever made

In order to visit so many houses on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas has to travel at extraordinary speeds. 

This means he has to make 842 million stops on Christmas Eve and has just 31 hours to do it – due to time zone differences.

Scientists have calculated to get to every house in just 31 hours, his sleigh needs to travel at 1,800 miles per second.

Santa eats a record amount of calories on Christmas Eve

One of the highlights of Christmas Eve is leaving a mince pie or cookie out for Santa. 

However, if Santa indulged on all of the sweet treats left for him, he would eat an incredible amount of calories. 

If every household leaves an average of two cookies for Santa in a single evening he would consume 374 billion calories, 33,000 tons of sugar, and 151,000 tons of fat.

Santa originally was depicted wearing green…not red

Early depictions of Santa Claus show him wearing a green cloak, not the red colour we know today. 

In fact, Santa only became associated with the colour red after a Christmas campaign from Coca Cola. 

This campaign ran in 1931, and ever since Father Christmas has been synonymous with his red coat with white fluffy trim.

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