Anna Richardson reveals anger as dementia-stricken father is scammed

TV star Anna Richardson reveals her fury after her dementia-stricken dad is scammed by fraudsters who told him they were from his bank – and EMPTIED his account

  • Richardson, 48, spoke of sadness that her dad had been targeted by fraudsters
  • Jim, a retired Anglican canon, handed over his bank details on the phone
  • Criminals then defrauded him of his money and with access to ‘everything’ 
  • Naked Attraction presenter said ‘they abused an old man with a brain injury’

Television presenter Anna Richardson has revealed her devastation after her father Jim, who has dementia, was targeted by scammers pretending to be from his bank. 

The Naked Attraction star, 48, shared on Instagram how her father had been ‘abused’ by the criminals who now had access to ‘his bank, his phone, his email, his personal details…everything.’

Richardson, who dates fellow television star Sue Perkins, wrote that the family had endured an ‘upsetting couple of days’ after realising the fraudsters had scammed the retired Anglican canon.

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Television star Anna Richardson, pictured with her partner Sue Perkins, revealed this week her sadness after her father, Jim, who has dementia, was scammed over the phone by people pretending to be his bank

The Naked Attraction star, 48, shared this photo of her brother printing off ’emergency messages’ to try and prevent her father, a former Anglican canon, from falling victim again 

She wrote: ‘Very sad to say that we’ve had an upsetting couple of days as a family. My Dad has dementia and was defrauded of his money by scammers on the phone, pretending to be the bank. 

She added: ‘They have access to his bank, his phone, his email, his personal details…everything. He trusted them…and they abused an old man with a brain injury, who has very little left. 

‘It’s so sad. And his condition will only get worse. It’s a horrible wake up call when you see your parents suffer…’  

Richardson (pictured in May at the British LGBT Awards in London) said her father Jim, who had a major stroke four years ago, which left him with vascular dementia, had been ‘abused’ by the fraudsters because of his medical condition

Richardson revealed that she and her brothers had now printed off emergency prompts to stop her father from accidentally giving away his private information if he’s targeted again. 

Her father was diagnosed with dementia after suffering a stroke in 2015. It was then that his doctors broke the news that he was suffering from vascular dementia. 

Responding to Richardson’s message, followers on Instagram expressed their sympathy. 

kellylloyd4 wrote: ‘This is so sad and there really are some horrible people out there. My Nan had dementia and you’re right it’s heartbreaking seeing them suffer, sending you all love and strength.’

sammiebinbriggs added: ‘This is terrible I’m so sorry your family are having to go through this.’

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