André Leon Talley is the new face of Ugg

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From Vogue editor to model.

André Leon Talley stars in Ugg‘s new campaign, posing in the brand’s signature slippers ($100) and boots ($130) on the porch of his house in White Plains, New York.

In one photo, the 72-year-old style star — who called Ugg’s shoes “comfort food for my feet” in a press release — even gets a haircut while wearing a face mask.

“I thought at first Ugg had a connotation of being tacky. People said, ‘Oh, I would never be caught wearing an Ugg,’” Talley said in an interview for the brand’s website.

“I said it for a very long time too, and then I found an Ugg and put it on. It’s extraordinary and it’s a confidence boost – the Classic Boot is just great.”

Also in the “Chiffon Trenches” author’s wardrobe are custom Manolo Blahnik shoes as well as John Lobb, Christian Louboutin, Berluti and Tom Ford styles, he said.

Talley, who is known for his commitment to oversized caftans and other statement-making looks, said he has evolved to a style that revolves around comfort.

“As beautiful as your foot looks in these custom-made shoes, there’s nothing as comfortable as wearing an Ugg slipper,” he said. “I have no shame. I am very proud of Ugg and I love wearing Ugg. I have wardrobes upon wardrobes of Ugg!”

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