Amber Rose and Blac Chyna Weren't Close 'For a Long Time' After 'Falling Out'

"I mean, there were nights that I've cried for Chyna because she was like a sister to me," shared Rose, before revealing how they have since reconciled.

Amber Rose has revealed she and Blac Chyna have reconciled following a “falling out.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, published on Monday, the 40-year-old model shared details about their reconciliation, noting that she and Chyna — whose real name is Angela White — weren’t close “for a long time.”

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“I think that we both just had to get our lives together so we could circle back and be better than ever, and that’s what we did,” Rose said. “We weren’t [close] for a long time; we had like a falling out, but I’m happy to say that I was with her all day yesterday.”

While the TV personality didn’t reveal what led to her apparent fallout with White, she said they reconnected after they both entered new stages in their lives.

“It’s really nice to have her back in my life. I missed her so much,” Rose told ET. “I mean, there were nights that I cried for Chyna because she was like a sister to me… [And then] we just saw each other in person and it was like, ‘I have my sister back.'”

The Dancing with the Stars alum added that she’s “so proud” of her pal.

“She’s not doing this for any other reason besides the fact that it makes her happy, and I think that’s a great place to be,” Rose said.

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Rose — who spoke to ET about her clothing line MUVA and new YouTube channel — said that fans may see White making an appearance on her channel. However, the rapper noted that the way she and White, 35, are perceived by the public is different from how they truly are in real life.

“I think that’s what it is, we’ve been so misunderstood for so many years, and things will come out on the internet, and we’ll just stay quiet,” Rose said. “We’ll just be like, ‘Ah, let them think what they want, at least we have each other.'”

“And then that was such a build-up over the years where it became like, well, ‘Blac Chyna’s like this and Amber’s like this, and they’re like that,'” she added. “And we just sit back, and we’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re sooo not those girls!’ We’re not like that at all.”

While the mom of two is taking new steps in her career, White has been on quite the health journey this year, showing off her sick-pack abs, reversing several cosmetic procedures, and celebrating one year of sobriety.

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