Adele debuts striking beauty look for new song – so what’s different about her face?

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Adele has delighted fans this week with the news of her upcoming track Easy on Me, due out on October 15. Though there’s definite excitement about the song itself, we’re even more thrilled to see the singer bringing back her classic cat eye makeup, but this time with a dramatic twist.

Sharing a snippet of the song and accompanying music video to her Instagram grid, Adele is seen looking like a vintage goddess in black and white. But a lack of colour doesn’t detract from the fact that her makeup for the video is stealing the show here.

With seriously winged liquid black eyeliner, lengthy faux lashes and a new structured brow, Adele is truly making us feel love for the new look. And although the 33 year old has favoured a cat eye in the past, this seems to be her most dramatic makeup yet.

If you can’t pinpoint exactly what’s different about her look, makeup artist Wendy Turner believes it’s all about the eyebrows.

“It looks like she’s grown her brows thicker and longer, to give a more youthful and modern look now that she’s in her thirties. The first thing I did in my forties was grow my eyebrows back!” she says.

“Since her natural hair is red in tone, it’s likely she has regular tints. To give her arches that lifted, upwards appearance, she could also have had eyebrow lamination. Since that treatment chemically straightens the brow hair, it will create a fuller style.

“Then, for added definition, it looks like a pencil and a pomade have been used.”

Whatever Adele is doing, she looks incredible – something her Instagram fans have also been noticing.

“Who is the makeup artist because they did that!!” comments one Instagram user under a recent image of the star looking incredibly glam.

“You look great Adele! … Great work on your new look,” says another.

With a whole new album set for release in the coming weeks, we’re sure we’ll be seeing some more incredible looks from the singer.

Let’s hope we also find out about her mystery makeup artist!

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