Ada Choi suffered miscarriage before filming Empresses In The Palace, but got pregnant again during shoot

HONG KONG• Not long before Ada Choi was cast in hit period drama Empresses In The Palace (2011), she suffered a miscarriage.

Then, “on the night of my costume fitting, I discovered I was pregnant” with her first child, the Hong Kong actress, 45, revealed in the latest episode of reality show My Dearest Ladies.

Her husband, actor Max Zhang, was so happy that he “couldn’t sleep the whole night”, she recalled.

According to AsiaOne, Choi was 38 then. Pregnancy at an older age can come with higher risks and her miscarriage had happened just six months earlier.

She thought of pulling out of the palace drama to prepare for the birth.

But she decided to proceed, given that her empress role required her to be mainly seated and that her character would be assisted by palace maids in other activities. She even kept her pregnancy a secret from others in the show, to avoid distractions on the set and work disruptions.

Choi, who got married in 2008, is now a mother of two daughters.

She and Zhang, 44, who has been hailed as the successor to action star Donnie Yen, appear in My Dearest Ladies, which sees male stars travelling with their wives and mothers.

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