A Patriot’ Producers Weigh Appeal In Eva Green Case, Deny Bully-Boy Tactics

Producers White Lantern Film and SMC Speciality Finance have responded to losing a high court case against actress Eva Green in the UK over the collapse of their sci-fi pic A Patriot.

In a joint statement released Friday afternoon, the producers said they are “naturally disappointed” by the ruling in the case and are “carefully considering” their options, including a potential appeal.

Later in the statement, White Lantern and SMC Speciality Finance criticize what they describe as Green’s suggestion that the legal action filed against her was “motivated by or represented gender-based bullying,” describing her claims as “completely unwarranted.”

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“It does not reflect the judgment in any way, nor the evidence that was heard at court,” the statement read.

Green won the high court case against White Lantern and SMC Speciality Finance over the collapse of A Patriot Friday morning. The case stems from the collapse of the UK project in late 2019, which Green was due to star in and executive-produce. The case was essentially about determining which party was to blame for the collapse, with both parties having competing narratives on the issue.

Green, whose credits include 2006’s Casino Royale and Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City, claimed she was entitled to a $1M fee she agreed to at the outset of the project, arguing that since she had a “pay or play” contract she was owed the money regardless of the film’s collapse before cameras rolled.

White Lantern alleged that the actress’s conduct was unreasonable and in breach of her contractual obligations, so was not entitled to her fee. According to their pleading, the producer and financier SMC allege Green had no intention of completing the production, and they counterclaimed millions in losses allegedly caused by Green’s conduct.

As part of its evidence, White Lantern lent on messages sent by Green which it unearthed via a court-ordered discovery process. The email and Whatsapp messages revealed that Green called one producer a ‘f***ing moron” and the financial backers “a-holes.” She also jokingly referred to herself as “Cruella” when discussing the production team.

Green vehemently denied the allegations that she derailed the movie. Her lawyers previously said: “Ms. Green was at all times ready to perform her contract, and she remained willing and able to proceed in reliance thereon. It was the bridge financiers and White Lantern who unilaterally shut down the production in early October 2019.”

In a judgment Friday morning, Justice Michael Green ruled in Green’s favor, stating that she was entitled to the $1m fee, and dismissed the productions counter-claim, PA reported.

Read the full statement from White Lantern and SMC below:
We are naturally disappointed by today’s judgment and the court’s findings. We are carefully considering our options as to potential next steps, including appeal.

The suggestion Eva Green has made today that this legal action was motivated by or represented gender-based bullying is completely unwarranted. It does not reflect the judgment in any way, nor the evidence that was heard at court.

Eva Green filed a lawsuit to be paid $1 million for a film which was not made and for which she did not provide any acting services. The evidence presented at court and about which Ms Green now complains were things that she herself wrote and said. Her comments, emails, and WhatsApps were examined in order to establish whether she intended to quit the project, or would have proceeded with it. That was the key evidential issue before the court.

SMC has a long and proud record of financing and championing producers, directors, writers, and acting talent of all genders, from Oscar winners to first-time female Directors. It is preposterous to suggest that Ms Green’s gender played any role in our decision to defend ourselves against this legal claim.

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