8 Best Video Doorbells 2020 | The Sun UK

VIDEO DOORBELLS don't just alert us that there's someone at the door.

They also create an added layer of security, letting us know exactly who's out front, and in the vicinity, as well as informing us of any deliveries we have may have missed when we were out.

Smart doorbells work by streaming live video to your phone and tablet, plus they allow you to communicate with visitors to your home – even when you're not home.

You know exactly who's at the door before answering, and video doorbells show you if any suspicious characters are loitering around.

Video doorbells also feature live-view footage which lets you know exactly when – and where – that package was dropped outside your home, or if it wasn't.

Some video doorbells are compatible with smart lock systems, so you can also remotely unlock the door for your visitors using the app – pretty nifty, huh?

The main downside? The cost.

While you can get a wireless doorbell for a tenner online, video doorbells start at £50+, with the popular Amazon Ring available from £89. Many are over £100.

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