6 Surprising Facts About Mariah Carey’s Income

Mariah Carey is one of the biggest pop sensations of all time. She has shattered record after record on the charts and has been known to create iconic songs that prove to be long-lasting staples that represent an era of music that fans will never forget. Her vocal range is outrageously unique and her voice is instantly recognizable to fans of all ages, across the globe. Mariah Carey is simply one of a kind, and with her diva-like qualities, she makes sure that everyone knows just how valuable she is to the world of music. Money Inc. reports that well after being in the spotlight for well over 2 decades, she is a full-fledged, international sensation that has an astounding net worth of somewhere in the range of $300-$500 million.

6 She Came From Humble Beginnings

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We all know Mariah Carey is incredibly wealthy today, but that was not always the case. In fact, many fans may be surprised to learn that she came from very humble beginnings. Shew as born in Huntington New York in 1969 and when she was very young, her parents transitioned through a painful divorce. She was raised by her single mother, who instantly recognized her talent and invested in vocal training to ensure it was cultivated.

She wasn’t born wealthy, but she sure is now.

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5 She Earned Millions… Fast

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Mariah Carey’s relationship with Tommy Mottola began in 1988 when he worked hard to track her down after hearing her demo tape. The moment he located her, he signed her on, and the two would go on to get married and process through a tumultuous relationship.

In the early days of her career, Carey saw instant fame. The release of her first album eventually topped the charts and Carey scored a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance as well as Best Newcomer. Her very first album sold well over 15 million copies, proving that Mariah Carey was an instant, natural success.

Her subsequent albums, Emotions, Music Box, and Daydream all saw massive international success, and Money Inc. reports that she officially became “the most successful female artist in the music industry during the 1990s.”

4 Tours And Merchandise

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Concert tours are massive money-making tools for artists, and Mariah Carey is no exception. She raked in millions of dollars from each tour, and went on to collaborate with other artists on tours as well. Mariah Carey continued to sell out concert after concert and embarked on a series of world tours.

Headlining over 10 international tours, Mariah Carey has masterminded the art of raking in large sums of money from live concerts geared towards dedicated, loyal fans that also support the ticket sales with millions of dollars worth of merchandise that is purchased during the live concerts as well.

3 Acting And Television Paid Off

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Proving to the world that she possessed far more talent than she was able to showcase on a stage or within an album, Mariah Carey decided to diversify and showcase her acting skills to the world.

Her film debut came with the movie The Bachelor, and she want on to embark in a series of other projects over the years. One of the most notable contributions she has made to the world of movies came with the movie Glitter. She also went on to film Girls Trip and The Star, all of which saw great success and allowed her increased exposure outside of the world of music.

She made millions of dollars with her acting career, and also cashed in a huge paycheck by using her masterful skills as a judge on American Idol. In fact, she earned a whopping $18 million by being a judge on the show for one year.

She also released her own, reality based TV show called Mariah’s World which brought in a good chunk of change, as well as releasing her own memoir.

2 Residencies And Merchandise

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The music industry has evolved significantly since Mariah first made an impression on the music scene. The early 2000s brought about the obsession with taking on residencies, and Mariah Carey welcomed the opportunity. She has four residencies under her belt, and she reaped the benefits of staying in one location as fans flocked to see her from all over the world, rather than spending time and money touring, and exhausting herself and her team.

Women’s Health Magazine confirms that residencies have proven to be a hugely successful financial boost to Mariah Carey’s massive fortune.

1 Mariah Carey Owns Christmas

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Mariah Carey is famously known for her Christmas songs and album, in particular, for her hit song, All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Her song is synonymous with the holidays, and it makes an emergence in millions of homes across the globe, each Christmas season. According to The Economist, Mariah has earned $60 million in royalties for All I Want for Christmas Is You alone.”

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