18 Punny Mother’s Day Instagram Captions To Show Your Mom She’s One In MOMillion

May 12 is Mother’s Day, and may you be blessed with the perfect Instagram caption to commemorate it. Keep your selfies in drafts and dedicate the social media spotlight to mom. You got it — you know, it — from your mama anyways, so might as well let the internet know of her superior existence. But no gorgeous picture of mom is complete without a caption. And punny Mother’s Day Instagram captions are sure to add that humorous oomph to your tribute.

You can always count on mom to laugh at your jokes. She hung your kindergarten art class scribbles on the fridge like they belonged in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was the first loyal reader of your blog, and she shared each post on her Facebook wall to give you the ~exposure~ you deserved. She was and is your number one fan. Reciprocate the fangirling with a carousel slideshow exposing how incredibly awesome and gorgeous your mom is.

A punny Instagram caption might get an eye roll from your followers but it is guaranteed to make your mom — your number one fan who thinks you should definitely go up onstage and be a stand up comedian even though you know you are only 20% funny — laugh. And her chuckle or cackle is the only laugh that matters.

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