$150,000 A Night: Heres What Makes Lover’s Deep Submarine Hotel So Expensive

A luxury submarine hotel called Lovers Deep is offering couples a once-in-a-lifetime underwater experience to escape underwater for an expensive charge of a whopping $150,000 for a night.

Some of the most expensive hotels in the world are known to offer unforgettable experiences for their customers, from offering gourmet cuisines to soaring views. Each tailor-made service adds to the adventure a couple embarks on when staying at a luxury hotel. While the space hotel is still under construction, there is already an underwater hotel that guests can experience on the Caribbean Sea in St. Lucia. Along the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean, the submarine hotel has many amenities seen in a five-star hotel to offer the best experience deep into the water.

Along with incomparable views of the sea life underwater and unique accommodation, the Lovers Deep submarine hotel has the ultimate experience set for their customers with an option for customization. The stay is not cheap, as living in the submarine hotel costs $150,000 a night. Let’s look at the Lovers Deep Submarine Hotel, a voyage unlike any other.

Under A Beautiful Coast


Oliver’s Travels opened its business in 2003 when it offered handpicked villas and destinations for customers to stay at various locations worldwide. Over the next decade, the company expanded its reach to offer rented castles, villas, cottages, and even beach homes. Adding to the list of luxury stays, the company added another unusual destination to its list with Lovers Deep Submarine hotel, launched on February 14, 2014, as noted by Oliver’s Travels. With the idea of offering couples a chance to unwind beneath the water, they encouraged people to join the Mile Low Club.

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The submarine sets sail from the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia, best known for its reef-diving sites, volcanic beaches, and luxury resorts. Adding to the list is now the acclaimed submarine hotel with a selection of destinations. Customers are at liberty to choose the location, and Lovers Deep moves toward it, whether it’s the corals of St. Lucia or the battleship by the Red Sea. While Oliver’s Travels offers a standard option of speedboat transfer to the submarine, customers can also wish to have a helicopter landing or any other rental vehicle at their service, as stated by The Travel.

Cozy Interiors For A Warm Stay

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An experience made for thrill-seeking couples; the Lovers Deep submarine hotel has opulent interiors and amenities that can rival any five-star hotel. The vessel has an open-plan design, allowing easy movement from one room to another. A private bedroom is located in the heart of the two-person hotel and comes with a double bed and ensuite bathroom, with an option for a two-person shower. The lounge area on the bottom level has a small yet comfortable seating space with ample couches and armchairs. The room has angular glass walls for guests to enjoy the view of marine life.

As mentioned by Lifestyle Asia, the underwater haven is soundproof from every direction to provide maximum privacy without disturbances. During the release of the honeymoon package in 2014, Oliver’s Travels also had an elaborate food menu pre-planned for the guests. The aphrodisiac tasting menu was developed with a group of specialists to ensure the couples receive the optimum advantage of the Lovers Deep submarine. It included gourmet dishes like caviar, decadent chocolate fondant, and oysters. Through Oliver’s concierge service, customers are also given an option to choose a special champagne breakfast in bed.

Ample Of Services A Call Away


The Lovers Deep submarine hotel does not leave customers to fend for themselves alone on the island. The package includes a private chef, a butler, and a captain on board to offer extravagant services. The captain steers the submarine to the destined location while the staff members help bring their required gourmet cuisines to life. The large vessel has separate accommodation for the crew of three members on the other end with soundproof walls so guests can have their separate space, as reported by Luxuo Thailand. Additionally, a minibar station is stocked with drinks and telephone service to contact the crew.

Oliver’s Travels have created their quirkiest accommodation yet with the Lovers Deep Submarine hotel with an array of requests that come with the bespoke packages. The property may not be the best option for people with a fear of water or claustrophobia. Still, it is the ideal destination for people seeking an adventurous holiday unlike any other. The Lovers Deep package is highly exclusive, and no known details are provided for the booking process on its website.

Lovers Deep Submarine Hotel is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines quirky and luxury at once. This exclusive service is hard to get, and Oliver’s Travels has curated an unforgettable experience for couples willing to join the Mile Low Club. While the website remains recluse for sharing any booking details, representatives can be contacted via their email services.

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