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WHEN it comes to must-have baby gear, baby bottles top the list, whether a mum decides to breastfeed, bottle feed or do a combination of the two. Thing is, babies like to have their milk nicely warmed up, which is why a baby bottle warmer is a useful purchase for parents of little ones.

According to NHS guidelines, we should aim to give baby milk at a temperature of 70 degrees (roughly the temperature if you boil a large kettle and let it cool for 30 minutes), which is when a baby bottle warmer comes in handy. Microwaves aren't recommended for baby bottle warming: not only can they heat unevenly and potentially be too hot for baby, microwaving can cause essential nutrients in the milk to be lost, which is where baby bottle warmers come in. Some baby bottle warmers, like popular, easy-to-use steamer designs from NUK and Nuby, do two jobs in one, doubling as baby food warmers, so they'll come in handy during the weaning stage. You can also find portable baby bottle warmers which are brilliant for warming your baby bottle on the go. These are typically either hot water flask designs which you mix with formula when a bottle is required, or energy-efficient, on-the-go heating bottles, like the Smartech Sleepy Bottle. Parents using bottles regularly may want to invest in a bottle-prepping machine, which works like a super-quick and efficient kettle, filtering and measuring the water, controlling the water temp so it's warm but not too hot and creating a bottle ready for baby in just a couple of minutes. There's even a self-heating bottle on the market now: Yoomi's Feeding System, an 8 oz bottle that warms milk to breastmilk temp at the touch of a button.

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